I would love mouse house, Christmas trees, and Out on a Limb!


Hi, I would love to have a copy of all the patterns. Thank you for sharing your beautiful designs!


oh, I'd love the bird patterns. I've been following your blog for a little while now and love it! (really I'd like them all!)
Thanks, elsa


Soooo adorable! Thank you! Could I get the mouse house, tweet valentine and out on a limb? Thank you so much!


Your patterns are lovely! I would like the Mouse House. Thanks.


I love them! Yes, please to all. Thanks!


You are a temptress of the first order! I am still working on my hexies and you are tempting me with new goodies! I would love the Mouse House and the Butterfly Kiss please!


How adorable! I would love to have the pattern for the mouse house. I have embroidered butterfly kisses for a little pillow for a little girl. I forgot to take a picture! Thank you for being so generous.

Nancy Brodeur

Oh, these are so cute. I would love to have Mouse House, Tweet Valentine and Tree Family. Thank you for sharing and your creativity.


OMG do I have to choose?... I love all of them, but if I were 2 choose it would have to be:

Out on a limb and Tree family

One for my bird themed guest room and the other as part of me xmas gift


April H

Do I have to pick just on? I don't mean to be greedy but I would love to have them all. aprilshecon(at)gmail(dot)com

Love the mouse house, trees and out on a limb! Thank you!



You are sharing these?! Wow! I love them. Really really love them all. I think the Tree Family might find their way onto my holiday cards this year. They are so happy and cute. Is it greedy to ask for all of them? I am decorating my little one's room with a fairy garden theme and each of your pictures would work great in there (some stiched on pillows, some with a little freezer paper stenciling, and some right on the wall.) What if I promise to send you a picture when her room is done?
Thanks again for sharing with us. This is just so wonderful of you.


I would so love to have the Mouse house pattern! I just love your patterns! Thank you in advance!


I would love a copy of the mouse house. Thank you.


These are wonderful - I would be so grateful to have Mouse House and Out on a Limb - many thanks -

Karen O

So generous of you! Please send me the Family Christmas pattern.
Thank you.

Krista Lorenz

Love the patterns!!! Very cute, cant wait to recieve them.


I love the bird patterns, especially "Out On a Limb"! They are adorable.


I appreciate your generosity in sharing these patterns! Please (she asks greedily and humbly), may I have a copy of all of the patterns? Thank you so much,



I would love Tree Family and Mouse House please! So sweet!


I love the Mouse House... could you send it to me, please? thanks a lot!


They're gorgeous patterns! I'm a new reader and would possibly love and be gratefull if you could send me; Out on a limb, Tweet valentine, and Tree family?
Many thanks x


So pretty. I would love to receive the Tree Family and Mouse House. Thank you!


What fun - and how cute are they!?!
I would love the mouse house & the out on a limb.
mtretiakova at gmail dot com

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