Sunshine & serendipitous shopper

Coolshopper1_3Today the sun is shining, all is right with the world, it hardly feels like the autumn pictured in my last post. Amazing how a few rays give me so much energy - almost worth all those fine lines it also gives me.

As the sun is finally shining today I walked down the hill to suck it up and get some bits for dinner. Walking past a charity shop I saw this large shopper in the window and as I still haven't got my shopping bags made : ( I had to have this one. It's much larger than it might appear, I fit two carrier bags worth of shopping into it! Much nicer than the old green rucksack I'd brought to stuff purchases in.

I filled it up at the green grocers, grabbed a few things for Thursdays art class and walked back up the hill with a little more spring in my step.

Thank you to the little old lady who discarded it only so that I could come upon it and give it a second life - I will love it : )

I have loads of favourite finds, might be time to do my own discarding or a swap. Never swapped before, would be fun to try one - anyone know of a vintage finds swap?

Encountering vintage heaven


Last Sunday morning I experienced what could only be described as divine intervention or a perfect alignment of stars, moons and planets. I tip-toed out of the house, empty bags and small notes in hand and headed to a local boot fair.

It was a new location for me and it was big. As I parked my pulse raced, I charged in and tried to form a plan - but I couldn't, it was just too big. Instead I just raced down each aisle willy-nilly. I spent ages searching, digging, uncovering. After an intensive search I realized it was huge, but there was absolutely nothing of interest to me.

What a disappointment, valuable "me" time spent with no return. I phoned home to see what the family were up to. Everyone was happy, I suggested I'd come home and that I should have gone to one of my favourite, but rare boot fairs that was happening near our old home - a bit of a journey away. My hubby said "go to it, everything's fine, see you later."

Linenlabel_2 I went, pulse racing again but slightly slower as it was later in the day and the best stuff must be gone. Down my first aisle I saw a stall of table after table of antique linens, curious hand sewn items from France and piles of old buttons, tapestries and scraps - the kind of scraps I love to horde.

Heaven, yet something didn't quite sit right. Everything was pristine, the linens weren't stained, no dingy whites or nasty hidden holes. Must be expensive I thought, even though the well coiffed lady behind the tables with a very, very posh accent was exclaiming "bargains, heaps of bargains." I seemed to be the only one looking. I asked a price for an antique linen sheet, £30 or £40 would have been a treat, when she said £3 I nearly dropped to my knees. Clean, antique, crisp, white, sturdy, pure linen - £3.

I grabbed what I thought was the best of the best, some large tins of buttons and a few other interesting bits. I paid, then left - I'd been tipped off by a friend I bumped into about some brilliant buttons on the other side. Ended up the brilliant buttons were too pricey but the chatty woman on this stall was laughing with her friend about a woman on the other side claiming her linens were inexpensive, "...yea right" she said, "with her posh accent, they're not going to be cheap!" They laughed and I ran - straight back to the linen stall now realizing why she hadn't been busy, she was too posh.

Her stall was now getting more crowded as she shouted "...inexpensive, antique linens, most just one pound." In a frenzy I gathered more and more - a kind of delirium set in, but finally the reality of sorting and storing my treasure dawned on me, so I had a chat with the "terribly, terribly" nice woman, got her card and went home - very satisfied with "me time" fabulously well spent.

When I get around to sorting my haul I'll start making. My list of Really Want to Makes is getting very long, but I'd love to make linen dollies for my cousin's new real dollies, Megan and Mackezie. School starts this week, maybe I'll get to start working on my list.

Moral of the story: Don't pass up the posh.

Mirror, mirror, on the wall...

Mirror_mirror_1 How to make a 5 year old girl very, very happy: Buy a nasty old gilt framed mirror from a boot fair for 50 pence, spray it a hideous Barbie pink, hang it up and watch her smile.

In fact, little Gracie smiled at herself in this mirror for a very, very long time. I must give in to her pink obsession once in a while or she'll sweet-talk her daddy into painting her whole room Barbie pink when I'm not around.

Must figure out how to photograph a mirror without myself and my messy house reflected in it.

New stash

I love everything about old fabrics and sewing notions. I can't help but pick up every bit of sewing paraphernalia I can when at boot fairs and jumble sales, they're my favourite finds. This is the piece of old bark cloth I recently found. Trop_bark_cloth_3 I might try making a shoulder bag, but I'll probably make another messenger bag - for some reason I always haul around a lot of junk: shells and stones, lego, pink hair bands, half-eaten lollies, etc., so I need a big bag.


I love the faded quality of these old spools. I use them with vintage fabrics.

Button_cabinet_2 Most of my button collection is housed in this old watchmakers cabinet - not a boot fair find but worth the investment from an antique shop - it holds most of my buttons. Although real addicts always have several secret stashes.

These tins hold more booty - love their cheery colours.Tins


Haven't yet decided what I'll do with these Bakelite buttons, they're huge, about 5cm across - but I had to have them.

I've also picked up a pile of old children's clothes with fantastic patterns, not as lovely as the Oilily stash Lyn has, but very cheery nonetheless.

Guess I'd better start using these bits. I thought I'd make some little Zakka style patchwork bibs. I've got loads of overdue baby gifts to get to so that next handbag might have to wait.