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Please support the last Action Pack Magazine


I was surprised to find a picture from this project I sent off for the Whip Up Action Pack back in 2013 in my Inbox this morning.

Anyone familiar with Whip Up will know that the publisher, Kathreen Ricketson and her husband Rob both sadly died in an accident two years ago. Days after I sent this project off I received that heartbreaking news. 

With the help of Kathreen's family and friends, that issue is now being published. It will be the last Action Pack Magazine published. 

Whip Up was an incubator for the Internet craft movement. And Kathreen was more than a curator of photos and projects. She was a conversation starter, brilliant writer, editor and maker too. 

Many people met through the community built around Whip Up all those years ago when craft blogs were young. I used to check Whip Up each morning, it was a treat to read before starting my day – I'm sure thousands of others did the same. 

Kathreen and Rob's two children will receive all of the proceeds from the sales of Action Pack. What a lovely tribute it would make to help this issue sell like crazy. Please buy it. Even if you have no children, sit down and get stuck into the projects yourself.

Please spread the word. Learn more about Action Pack Magazine here.  And go here to purchase the latest or past issues.

UPDATE: Sadly, Whip Up and Action Pack are no longer available. It became difficult for friends and family to carry on managing the sites. The Whip Up community will be missed, but I'm personally grateful for friends made there and the countless hours of enjoyable reading both provided.

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