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Pattern gold


Newlywed birds made for a sweet couple of friends who recently married.

After a long hiatus, I'm back with a few blog design changes and that overdue pattern recommendation. Typepad are very slowly coming around to responsive themes. This one I'm using (still in beta) is the first I've found that works properly. What do you think?

Artist, Ann Wood's Little Bird pattern was perfect for a couple of gifts I wanted to make. I've always loved her designs, it was a real treat to find that she's now selling her patterns, including her amazing ships. Ann has a lovely style to the way she writes her tutorials.


This one was for a robin loving friend.

I'm pleased with these little birds but I'd do a few things differently if I made them again sometime. Getting better wire for one thing and stuffing until the seams nearly burst for another. The newlyweds in particular have kind of saggy bottoms.

These birds are quite small so they're perfect for using up scraps. They're so easy to customize and make your own yet retain the sweet face the Ann created.

Today I noticed Ann added a post to her website where she recommends her favourite tools. If you're a softie maker or trying out one her new patterns you'll probably find tips there you've read about nowhere else.


Shadowplay on a sunny day.

And today is Mother's Day in the UK. So happy Mother's Day to all mums everywhere.

Here is a link to my favourite UK flower shop feed on Instagram. I send you all a virtual bouquet.

Happy Sunday :)


Cozy Memories

Nice revamp !! :) So glad to see you blogging again, just like Margie.
Happy Mother's day, my friend ! I hope you've been spoiled with love by your two teens !


I was following your previous blog. I hadn't realised you had changed your blog and I can't find a way to follow you!I have been following you on Instagram all this time though!AriadnefromGreece!


Thanks Sonia! Hope I can keep it up. There's always lots I'd like to add and so many blog friends I'd like to visit but the instant pace of Instagram is all I seem to squeeze in right now. For instance, those birds I made back in June and July!

Oh no Ariadne, this is my only blog, I just haven't been around. Work has kept me busy but today I took the time to get it back in shape, trying out a new responsive theme here on Typepad. It's having a few litle problems but they'll probably get ironed out. Thanks for taking the time to follow me back here and say hello!

XO to you both.

Nicole Follow the White Bunny

Welcome back! Lovely birds & I had a giggle about the saggy bottomed newly weds ::D


Thanks Nicole! Yes, saggy bottoms can be a problem ;)

Dianne Leutner

You're back!!

JI Gorman

I'll try to be :)

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