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I love morning. I go to bed at night excited to get up in the morning. As soon as it becomes the slightest bit light out I'm up, in winter I get up in the dark. I begin to make coffee in my French Press, put away any clean dishes from last nights dinner, organise my day and my thoughts.
While coffee brews I stretch, and calm my mind, usually the mind calming part is harder than I like. My favourite part of the morning is when the sun just peeks over the barn next door and floods my face. I realise then that there's still at least an hour before I wake the children which means 3,600 seconds are still all mine.
Morning is the time of day when I function best. I usually get two hours of work done, good and productive work. Never the same thing. Sometimes letter writing, copywriting or sketching ideas - I save boring, administrative stuff for the afternoon when I'm less alert. 
I find my days are now highly scheduled, little time for relaxed blog browsing and catching up with friends online, maybe one day that will change, but it won't be soon. Now, my mornings are my refuge, even on days when the sun doesn't come out and peek over the barn.
Since I was last here we've moved house, the children have grown a whole lot in just these few months and we've been getting accustomed to new routines. We are really well and hope you are too.
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A few things I've enjoyed recently and you might too:
Today's Desert Island Discs with Alison Moyet. I love hearing an artist's own perspective, she's fascinating and her music choices are great too.
The Story of Women and Art  So much food for thought in this series, amazing, wonderful and desperate all at once. 
Painting with gouache. I haven't used it much since art school but have found it my medium of choice when I steal away minutes for painting. If you follow me on Instagram, the quick little studies I've done of birds in our new garden are with gouache.
Today I'm sending off my French Knot pieces and doily drawings for this project by Lisa Solomon. It's easy to take part, if you have a moment take a look, she's still taking contributions.
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Have a lovely weekend.



You are missed. So glad you occasionally make it to Instagram.

I am with you on the "morning thing". I try to make it last as long as possible. (No kids to break into my revery.)

Lisa J

Good to read your words and hear that you're well. Sending love from MN.


Nice to have you back.


Thank you Pam, Lisa and Hilary, it's lovely to be back :)


Sorry for the late reply my friend, being obliged to use hubby's laptop is not so easy (both him & the kids use it). Anyway.
Yay, a new post from you ! I'm so happy ! I think it's been such a demanding couple of years (to say the least), and blogging is the first thing that doesn't come on top of list, and that's normal. But I'm glad you found the time to post !
I hope your new life in your new place will be right wonderful. You deserve it so much !
Sending you love, my friend. xoxo


Thanks so much sweet Sonia. I was just thinking about how much our blogs have evolved over time, just like my family has evolved. Change is constant and I'm figuring out how this space fits with those changes. Isn't it amazing to look back at our early posts and see our children? They were all so little, T turns 16 in a few months!
I think that is one of the best reasons to keep a blog for me, it's been a journal for family life as well as a reflection of what I like to do, make and eat. Of course I've met so many wonderful friends like your through it too, which is amazing. x


Hello friend,
So glad all is well. I still have your pincushion teacup inspiring me from the shelf next to my desk. Have a wonderful summer.


Love hearing from you Amy! I'll have to get back in this space more often. Hope you and your family are well.

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