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autumn views and new workshop

Autumn 20131

So many pretty views right now, looking up or looking down. This Picasa collage is not great but I'm being lazy at the end of a long week.
Dog & butterfly


Naomi and I are back at Moorish for another felt workshop soon. She's over committed on commissions for Christmas already so we'll be teaching people how to make their own pets from fleece. As the Spring Grove Alpaca and sheep herd has grown so has the colour range. Find out more about the workshops here.

I've gone through my current stack of books and recently returned to classics. The Heart is a Lonely Hunter by, Carson McCullers and Sweet Thursday by, Steinbeck. I loved them both so much. It's astonishing that McCullers was only twenty-three when she wrote The Heart is a Lonely Hunter. And while reading Sweet Thursday I was struck by how all the issues in the novel are so relevant today, especially concerns about overpopulation. I've always loved Steinbeck and Sweet Thursday made me want to re-read Cannery Row, as Steinbeck revisited the same characters.

Do you have any favourite classics?

Tonight the BBC were recording here in our tiny village and visiting our monthly music club that Tristan has performed at several times. I usually go but a silly cold kept me in tonight. Rumour has it they were here to record the local brother duo Ben & Alfie. They are brilliant to see live and they were just shortlisted for the BBC2 Young Folk Awards – have a listen.

And speaking of listening, Matthew Oomen's new music has been helping me through some creative yet sometimes tedious jobs this week; it can be downloaded here.

I'll be back soon with that template and tutorial mentioned previously.

Have a great weekend. x

Updated - Forgot to mention the dog and the butterfly were made by Naomi Stannard.