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September 02, 2013


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Sonia / Cozy Memories

Oh my friend, as you know, I've been feeling the same feeling, as P is also changing school (but doesn't have an older sibbling to refer to). My anxiety levels have been way higher than usual, and of course it doesn't make me happy :( I hope they will drop down !!
Thank you for the many (blog) visits, and for your constant support. You are amazing. You deserve a mega medal for all that you do & say, and for all that you have to face at the same time.
Sending you all, all my love, and the most positive vibes to T & G for tomorrow & this year !


My big girl is changing schools this week too, and her little sister is both excited and nervous to be on her own at primary school for the next few years. I am trying to keep busy enough that I don't have time to think about how I am feeling, but I suspect that once the house is unnaturally quiet on Thursday, I shall have a reflective moment or ten.

Hope yours start the new term with lots of optimism and excitement when the time comes!

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