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Spider tent
Nursery web spider, Pisaura mirabilis

We've just returned from three glorious weeks with family and friends in California. Whenever we visit I get the usual question regarding where is home now for me. After being in the UK for 16 years the answer is a tough one. I adore my family and extended family so much that it's great being back in their protective, nurturing environment. But I love our life in the UK too, it's been good to me and our UK family and friends have too. 

Baby spids
Spiderlings inside their protective web, mother stands guard outside

Just before we left on our trip we found out our landlord is selling the home we rent so soon we'll be moving yet again. The children are so happy in the village where we live that they were desperately unhappy to come home to a "For Sale" sign on the house. I wish I could spin a silky web around them to gaurd them from unpleasantness and predators like this nursery spider does for her young. But this is another little bump in the road that we will get over and life will roll on and I'm sure benefits will come from it.
Right now we're basking in the afterglow of the fun we had in California, giving our doggie lots of cuddles and catching up on sleep. Luckily there was finally a bit of rain while we were away so things are a little greener than when we left and there's a bumper crop of blackberries waiting to be picked in the back garden.
Hope your summer has been fabulous!



Life is full of all sorts of twists and turns . I too wish I was a spider and could rebuild my web overnight :) hugs


Yes it is, keeps us on our toes!
Missed you and your Lilith pics too :)


I can not believe you must move so soon after settling in to your lovely village. But I do want to say that the love and caring and support you give Tristan and Gracie must be very like that silky web of protection. As long as they have the constant in their lives of your love, they will survive the bumps in the road.

Lisa J

The spider gives me the shivers but I love the metaphor. So glad you had a wonderful time in CA. Wish your return could have been a little less bumpy. Damn bumps seem to turn up everywhere.

Thinking of ya. xo


Thank you dear Pam. X

Thanks you too Lisa. Hope you had a grand time away too and that your bumps are getting smoother. X


I'm sorry to hear that you've hit another bump. But I'm sure that you will create another warm and nurturing environment for your family, just as the spider does for her brood.

clare's craftroom

That is so sad when you have obviously been so happy there . I hope your new home is even happier x

Sonia / Cozy Memories

Missed you my friend. Glad you had such a glorious time in the US, but I understand how hard it must be to leave your native country. What a dilemna it muts feel ... As for the move, argh, I'm so sorry this is happening to you. I know you can do it (wishing I could help !) but really, you didn't deserve it, and it must be realling wearing out in the end.
Sending you guys all my love oxoxo


Great post, fantastic photos:) Greetings

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