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Tris - Gracie 10001

Tris - Gracie 20001

Tris & Gracie 3

Tris - Max

Happy 15th birthday Tristan (for July 30th!)

A belated post due to travels but no less heartfelt for my boy. I thought I would share a few images that show your most endearing quality - you've always been so sweetly affectionate. I recently went through old boxes of pictures and nearly every image of you and your sis shows you hugging her; this last image of you and your second cousin Max from just last weekend shows that the teenage years haven't changed that sweet quality. Don't ever change, we love you.

Happy birthday Tris,

Mama xoxo


Sonia / Cozy Memories

Awww what a heartfelt post my friend, your Tris is one of a kind, and cuddly brothers are the best ! Again, happy 15 to your first born !


Happy Birthday to Tristan! It seems like only a week ago that your mother was sharing your turning 10!!! Can it really be possible?

Joanie, thank you for sharing these beautiful, sweet treasures.

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