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Belated wishes


_68461420_68461416When I saw the Rolling Stones twenty years ago on their Voodoo Lounge tour I thought maybe it would be the last chance to see them live. I thought they're all at least 50 now, how much longer can they possibly go on? 

We weren't lucky enough to get tickets to Glastonbury but the BBC has had tons of coverage this year so Tris and I stayed up last night to watch the Stones headline set live. We were amazed! All their hits were just as great as ever and Mick's strut hasn't changed a bit. With the exception of being a little more out of breath here and there Mick was outstanding, they all were. (Image from BBC)

The best part was watching it with my rock loving boy. I never in a million years would have imagined this band still at it in 2013, nor that I'd have such a great kid to share it with. We're already working out how to get to Glastonbury next time around.

Last fete
Beautiful day for our last school fete yesterday

We're busy wrapping up end of school year stuff. Gracie is on the home stretch, finishing primary school and heading off to the same school as her brother next year. Both kids are going through outrageous growth spurts; the upside to this being my daughter has outgrown my shoes so I no longer have to search for them all over the house.

Overflowing garden
Our little garden is now bursting

Tris has been asked to play a number of events coming up including a solo performance at a food and music festival which is a big honour for him as he might be the only amateur. And Gracie's rounders team has just made it to the regional playoffs. Like most parents, the children's schedules make life very full, especially this time of year.

Blackberry blossoms

For me, in between work I'm trying to squeeze in making a new bag for summer and I'm loving the outcome so far. It involves tweeking my Forager Bag pattern to include a zipped top close, removing the flap, adding outer pockets, a leather strap... a little more than tweeking then.

Right now I'm:

  • Wishing I could find nice summer sandals in my size, any suggestions for me?
  • Really wishing I could snap these beauties up.
  • Loving the latest issue of this brilliant magazine where I learned there's actually a job titled Head of the Dye room behind the scenes at the National Theatre, how great is that? 
  • Trying to perfect a semi-healthy snack, these are next on my list – and her nail colour really makes me want to paint my nails.

I hope your summer is shaping up well, what are you up to?





Lisa J

Sounds like you're positively bursting with life and growth there. Thanks for sharing these lovely moments with us.

My daughter is nowhere near fitting in my shoes but I still have to hunt for them. How is that fair?

Hugs to you.

Lisa J

my word verification was "once roxthey". How fitting was that?

Sonia / Cozy Memories

Hello my friend,
so glad that you're enjoying a lovely end of school year, though very busy ! I guess, the older they get, the busier it gets too ! ;-)
That's great news for Tris ! He's such a gifted musician !
Sandals ... let me see ... Saltwaters (like Margie) or Hasbeens (I think) I can't find both here but I've seen them all over IG !
Aw, you're so kind mentionning the buckets. I wish I could tie-dye or embroider many many of them & send them to my best friends.Time is not my friend these days, though.
Sending you super sweet hugs xoxox

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