Remembering and helping

climbing and unfurling

sweet peas stretching upwards

Our little garden is exploding with growth – I honestly think I can see these sweet peas growing. 

dandelion garden

And the dandelions are exceptionally prolific this year. I told Gracie we'd welcome them because the bees need every happy habitat they can find. She took that as a good reason to pick every single one and blow their seed on every inch of garden not yet claimed. She's such a helper.

field of buttercups

On my walks the fields and meadows are filled with colour.

Cow parsley
cow parsley

And hedgerows are beautiful with delicate blooms, unfurling ferns and tiny inhabitants.


Life in hedgerows
web building

Walking back through the village the neighbouring lilac trees smell divine.

white lilac (does that make sense?)

If I were Thumbelina I'd curl up and nap on these pillowy blooms.

I hope you're absorbing every last drop of what spring has to offer. Though she's come late to us this year Spring's more than made up for her tardiness with the spectacular show she's putting on.

Happy Thursday :)


Sonia / Cozy Memories

Oh, my friend, what beautiful photos of your garden flowers & countryside ! You really make me want to move to the countryside ! (I wish !) I hope you & the babes (I know, so to speak) are doing fine.
Sending you warm hugs oxoxo


I love the Thumbelina image. One of my favorite stories as a child!

Lisa J

My great-grandfather's lilac shrub used to give white flowers. I had entirely forgotten about it until your post. Thank you for the jog down memory lane.

Thanks for us on the walk with you. xoxo


I'm so happy to see you learn your children how to care for the bees! They need all the help they can get!
Greetings from Denmark - and from a bee lover :)

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