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A very Happy Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day to all the wonderful mum's I know, especially my own mama.

Today I was treated as I normally am on my birthday and Mother's Day to baked treats by my children. Tristan organises the baking - today it was a savoury scone number with lots of choices of spreads.

Gracie usually takes charge of card making and this morning she had fun with a craft knife. Hmmm, that sounds odd now that I type it.

I'm never allowed to get out of bed and the room service is exceptional. Later I'm hoping I can coax both children to our favourite woodland for a walk. We like this place. Ferns grow overhead, there are lots of fallen trees to climb and meadows here and there where our novice archer likes to aim her bow.

I truly wish all mothers could have such a special day.

A note about my previous post: Regarding the Tunic Pattern, I forgot to mention it's the "Schoolhouse" Tunic. I also forgot to say the sizing I referred to is American, not UK or European sizing.

Thank you for your sweet comments.

J x

A very Happy Mother's Day

A very Happy Mother's Day

A very Happy Mother's Day

Pattern Review and Winners

New tunic sml

I've hoarded this blue medium weight linen for so long now, waiting to make this tunic, the pattern designed by Meg McElwee of Sew Liberated. Finally my need for new clothes won out and I made it, bit-by-bit. I literally worked on it in 15 minute intervals whenever I could squeeze the sewing in. That in mind, it was an easy pattern to follow, requiring simple supplies and not much brain power. I enjoyed making it so much that my desire to own a good serger is making me a little crazy. Because I used linen I zig-zagged every seam to decrease fraying and make in longer wearing, a serger would have been so much quicker,

I like the shape of this tunic because of it's slightly sinched-in, high waist and in linen it's really a blank canvas for embellishment. As I'm small, flowy tunics tend to drown me or make me look like I'm wearing a nightie though I'm really loving the way this one Margie made turned out.

Things to think about in making this pattern
Skill level. I would consider it for intermediate sewists, not beginner. A true beginner might struggle with a couple of things like sewing on curves and top-stitching, both tasks that need a little time to master. If you've sewn tops with sleeves before then this won't be a difficult pattern for you.

Also, the pattern suggested a lightweight fabric, the one I chose is not lightweight linen and I love the way it turned out so I would suggest a fabric with some drape is necessary, but light or medium weight will work.

Sizing. The pattern is for size 2 - 20. One reason I chose this tunic pattern was the fact that it is in two parts, top and skirt. I like the idea of being able to make the skirt bigger as the top of my body is very narrow and my bottom is not.

I found it true to size after making it, but as it was my first attempt I chose to make the top size 6/8 even though I'm a 2/4 because I didn't want it to be snug with tops worn underneath – the smaller size would have been fine. And though I made the skirt from the 10/12 pattern and reduced the waist to the 6/8 to match the top, I didn't have to, in fact the skirt turned out a bit big so I might alter it at some point. Due to the fuller skirt of this pattern the 2/4 all over would have fit just fine but I still love it the way it is. Clear as mud?

Should you have the opposite sizing issue of being bigger on top then on the bottom this pattern would be handy for you too. Simply adjusting the waist size of the top by tapering it in at the sides to fit the smaller bottom. 

I like the way Meg writes her patterns, they're worded the way we might explain instructions to a friend, unlike traditional patterns. 

So the verdict, I will definitely use this pattern again, but I would stick to a smaller size overall because there's plenty of room in the skirt. 

Now on to the Action Pack Winners
The winners were Val (aka Dottycookie) and Silvia of Little Green Doll. Thanks for participating, I'll pass your names on to Kathreen and you'll receive email from her regarding your copy. It may take a little while for her to get back to you though, she's travelling with her family for a whole year and not always able to get Internet connection. Find details about this latest "Water" issue here.

Have a great weekend,