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A very Happy Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day to all the wonderful mum's I know, especially my own mama.

Today I was treated as I normally am on my birthday and Mother's Day to baked treats by my children. Tristan organises the baking - today it was a savoury scone number with lots of choices of spreads.

Gracie usually takes charge of card making and this morning she had fun with a craft knife. Hmmm, that sounds odd now that I type it.

I'm never allowed to get out of bed and the room service is exceptional. Later I'm hoping I can coax both children to our favourite woodland for a walk. We like this place. Ferns grow overhead, there are lots of fallen trees to climb and meadows here and there where our novice archer likes to aim her bow.

I truly wish all mothers could have such a special day.

A note about my previous post: Regarding the Tunic Pattern, I forgot to mention it's the "Schoolhouse" Tunic. I also forgot to say the sizing I referred to is American, not UK or European sizing.

Thank you for your sweet comments.

J x

A very Happy Mother's Day

A very Happy Mother's Day

A very Happy Mother's Day



Happy Mother's Day, Joanie. I forgot (again) mother's living on opposite sides of the pond are not celebrated on the same day!

Bravo to Gracie and Tristan for treating you like a queen - the queen that anyone following you for any time at all knows full well that you are. We are all so fortunate that you still manage to find time to share bits and pieces of that very special person.

And the ferns! I have been wondering if licorice ferns lived on the trees in England. We have them here and they are our favorites in winter when they are lush and green and full of life. We have actually potted many to help with the illusion that the garden is still pretty in winter!!

Thank you for sharing you day.

Sonia / Cozy Memories

You have two amazing children, my friend.
No big surprise, though, since they have an amazing mama !
I hope you had a great rest of your day !


So glad you had a lovely day. I did too :-)


How lovely! What a precious and appreciated Mummy you are :)
And I am so glad you added a picture of the overhead ferns...not seen in "my" woodland!

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