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Banksy was here (Bristol Museum)

For those of you who have emailed concern about where I've been, no worries, I'm still here. I've needed to take on regular work and therefore am left with even less time for the little things I love to squeeze in here and there like making and blogging. In addition to a part-time job more workshop teaching has been coming my way and the organising of those takes time. But workshops are so fun to do, I love meeting fellow makers.

Some of the locals (Bristol Museum)

Though life is decidedly hectic, we're doing well around here. As always, I find myself trying to give my kids as much time as possible. With every new year I'm acutely aware that they won't be with me forever and they'll fly the coop before I know it. (And I'm very aware that I say that a lot.) Like my niece Claire, who recently graduated from Uni (early) and is already employed (but not close to home). Congratulations Claire! We love you sweet girl.

Bristol cathedral
Bristol Cathedral

The Christmas holidays came and went in a flash. We visited my sister and family in Texas, unfortunately we were ill for most of it but it was still nice to be with everyone (though I'm not sure they felt the same as we left them our coughs ;) I already miss them so much.

Early Flight, Bristol Museum

When we returned I took the kids to Bristol for the day before they went back to school. We felt like we needed a quick adventure. It's such a fun university town with plenty of history and culture and right around the corner from us. We look forward to many more visits. Bristol has plenty of what T and G love best, good food, great music shops and museums. You can probably guess which child likes which attraction most.

The River Avon, Bristol

I'm still very much in the discovery stage of learning about all the South West has to offer and so far, I really truly love it.

I hope you had a wonderful Christmas and that the New Year brings you much joy.

Happy weekend,



Sonia / Cozy Memories

Aw my friend, you've been missed in this space, but boy do we understand how full your life can be at the moment.
Wishing we could have been to Bristol with you, it looks like a fun town !
Super big hugs to you all


Happy New Year!AriadnefromGreece!


Sorry you were sick but happy you got to see your family at christmas. I adore all the photographs you share of your discoveries in the south west. Hope to visit one day, truly.


Lovely to read and see you again. My best wishes for you and your family in 2013!

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