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long weekends

Having Friday off school due to snow has led to a fun extended weekend for us. Friday was a fantastic yet exhausting day of tobogganing culminating in an impromptu sleep-over with five teenage boys, equally as exhausting - for me. They made a pancake feast Saturday morning and sort of even tidied up afterwards, in a teenage boy kind of way.

Riding for G on Saturday turned into mostly more tobogganing on the fantastic Quantock hills. Now some of the snow has melted but it's still so pretty. More is forecast for tomorrow so the children are crossing every finger and toe for an even longer weekend.

Today mummy has refused to go anywhere. After doing the usual morning chores and returning the most necessary emails I've snuck back to bed with my coffee and stitching. I've been into faces lately, not sure why the faces haven't become complete dollies but I'm sure they will eventually.

Though I've been working a lot lately, this week I'll enjoy squeezing in a project for Whip Up, Action Pack; they have a "water" issue coming up and I know it will be another great one.

I hope your weekend has been fun filled too.


PS, I'm trying out the Typepad app for iPhone, I can't see a way to make links in it and this post might end up looking odd too!

long weekends

long weekends

long weekends

long weekends


Sonia / Cozy Memories

I'm so glad you got some snow & that the kids didn't have school for that matter !
Five boys ? Oh my, I better prepare myself mentally for the years to come !! LOL
The faces are so sweet, looking forward to the end result !

Jill Wignall

glad you had a fun weekend Joanie. Lots of snow here today and I thought of you when we were at Hampstead Heath. Fingers crossed for a blizzard tonight to give us a snow day tomorrow!


Gorgeous--the snow and the stitching! I think you picked a great mix of activities to round out the weekend. Enjoy! xoxo Pat


seems to be working out well for you, the app that is. I can't wait to see the dolly you are making. I am certain it or they will be wonderful.


I still remember very heavy snows! Seen on this blog! Hoping all your springtime snows remain light!

Wonderful set of images. thank you!

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