long weekends
trees and skies


above me

Gracie and Katie enjoying a snow day

in the village

Stuggling primulas
primulas staying bright

School view
view from school

me enjoying a snow day

After our share of rain and floods last year I'm enjoying what 2013 has brought us. The children had more snow days this week and we all have loved it. The amount of that's fallen has meant me working from home all week and I've really enjoyed the quiet snow brings. Few vehicles on the roads, the birds hiding away and children out for hours sliding down hills. Yesterday I thought the melt was here and the inevitable slush too but no, half way through my walk this morning the snow began to come down again.

Abby wrote an interesting post about author's photos on blogs and arounna had a great post about the real value of handmade. Though I don't blog for a living and make and sell very little, I found both posts thought provoking, you might too. See, I'm already following Abby's advice, Gracie snapped photos and video of me tobogganing (see above), the video is a little... loud.

Happy weekend.





Such beautiful snow!From rainy Thessaloniki!AriadnefromGreece!

Sonia / Cozy Memories

SO so so so happy you could enjoy snow, and all the quiet (ahem, most of the time) it brings. I really live in the wrong place for getting snow, sigh.
Off to read Abby's post. Thanks for sharing.


looks like so much fun

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