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candlelight, crafts and mulled wine

Candlelight fair
Candlelight fair in the village church

The first glass of mulled wine always makes me feel like the festivities have truly begun and this week I had one at the village Christmas fair. As this is our first December in the village we get to take part in all the festivities for the first time. 

Our stall
Our table

The candlelight Christmas fair in the village church was a real treat and we were invited to share space on a friend's stall. Gracie and I did some last minute making and nearly sold out which was really fun. She's a born salesperson. At the end of the evening she had a handful of her hand painted bookmarks left so as I was packing away she walked around to the other stall holders and sold them all!

We forgot to take pictures of our things so this is at the end of the fair.

Gift making

Now I'm stitching away at gifts ordered by other people and I'm not too sure if any of my own gift list will get made this year. 

Paint pallettes
Improvised palette

Gracie loves to use real palettes but instead of the bought kind we experimented with turning milk bottles into palettes and found they work brilliantly. The curve of the bottle and the opening is a perfect shape for a thumb. If you paint and have plastic bottles in the house, give it a try.

December skies
December skies

It's been so cold this week but the colour in the skies has been spectacular. The combination of a low winter sun and storms speeding through has made for beautiful views while walking.

Our tree
And the tree goes up

And we got a very pretty tree this year, worth the struggle getting it up too. It's on the large side because we have a tall ceiling but our stand is on the small side; this equals a wobbly situation – it fell twice (me underneath it) but luckily the ornaments weren't on it yet ;) Good thing there's no toddler in the house.

I hope your celebrations are all off to a wonderful start.

Happy Monday,



Sonia / Cozy Memories

What a beautiful place for a craft fair, I'm so glad you sold well, and that your friend sold out !
Your tree was worth the two falls, it is splendid !!
Have a great start to the week too ! oxox


The holidays seem so much more magical where you are! That church is incredible. I'd love to see more of the crafty goodness you sold. The felted sweater beanbags (?) and fabric/bead necklaces are beautiful!


I remember many years ago on Christmas Day we were in London and there was a church open with soup for people who had nowhere to go (tourists too), the church was candlelit and there was a small bazaar too. You brought back lovely memories!AriadnefromGreece!

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