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with the sun comes the cold


We've spent a lot of time behind this door over the last week and a half. The incredible storms that have caused the flooding around here were not to be reckoned with. We tucked up, filled our little coal stove and huddled around it. The wind and rain were intense. I took this photo when the sun started to reappear, not sure I captured the gold and purples showing through the window but the light was amazing. I only noticed afterwards that my larch wreath on the door didn't fair so well, it might need a small repair.


When I did venture out for dog walks and to run (literally) down to the shop we were met with mud, water and more mud. We were stranded for a day or two by roads out of our village into town and T's school closed one day but we got off easy as our village is mostly on a hill. Friends in Devon were stranded by rising streams turned to rivers and another friend nearby flooded by the rising stream near them. But people round here are hardy and made of sturdy stuff. The flooded friends were brought dinner and cake and wine and an industrial pump by a bloke they didn't know.


And though we now have sun, the water is taking it's time receding. On my usual walk through the orchard I came across a rushing stream where there's never been one before which made me then think how stupid I was leaving the house without my wellies just because the sun had come out.

Sunny today

I mentioned to Kristy that the benefit of dull, grey days is that the sun is that much brighter and colours more vibrant when clouds clear, or something to that effect.

But now that our blanket of cloud has cleared, in has come the cold.

First big frost

There was lots of crunching this morning and the rest of the week there will be too. I've even heard the sledge might need dusting off (if I can find it).

Leaf party

Apart from weather, we had an event this week. T got his first series of fittings for braces on Tuesday, and he now has two rather large looking appliances to wear all the time. He's pleasantly surprising me with his dedication so far to wearing them; he's not complaining a bit and coping with the irritating dull ache. He'll be even more handsome when it's all finished :)

With the weather disruption not many of us have thought too much about Christmas around here, it will be a lowkey affair for us anyway, and I'm very okay with that (my children are taking more convincing). Here's a great read about getting priorities right at Christmas time from Kathrin at annekata, it's titled "Golf Balls and Beer" how can you not read that one right?! I loved it and resolved to make it to the pub with a friend this week. And something else I loved, Lisa's snowfolk, click over to them if you need a smile.

Happy Friday,




I am glad you are ok after such weather!AriadnefromGreece!

Sonia / Cozy Memories

Sorry about the floods, Joanie. So glad to read that people are helping each other.
Aw, Tris will be even more handsome once it's over, as you said, but I feel for him right now, it's not easy, specially at that age.
Off to read that article now. Or later.
Big hugs, and have a wonderful weekend !


Today I'll have a beer with a friend too. Or a glass of wine. Glad everyone seems OK after the flooding. Love reading through your posts!


Such awful weather you have had I do hope your not too badly hit as I know lots of people have lost lots. Your photos are lovely though! Xxx


I love the first image and the two frosty leaf images! Just my cup of tea! I know from experience, those little ice crystals don't stick around long waiting for a photographer to get her ducks in a row!!!

Great story - the golf balls! Just had to take the time to get my own priorities straight. Always a good thing to do.

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