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November 06, 2012


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The blue tits are amazing!AriadnefromGreece!


Oh! Those are adorable!

Sonia / Cozy Memories

What an amazing workshop, my friend ! These ladies must have had the time of their lives !
Thanks for reporting it for us all to see !

Lisa J

What gorgeous little ornaments! I love them! And what a cozy-looking classroom too. Glad you had a good time. xo


i want to attend one of your workshops


What a spirit lifter! Rejuvenator for the soul! Shared hearts and hands and crafting goodness.

We should all make a point of being so engaged quite regularly.


This workshop looks like so much fun! I saw some of the other photos on FB, and I can tell everyone had such a lovely time. I miss that time when my son was in Waldorf when a friend got a whole group together regularly to felt and do other seasonal crafts. Your photos brought back that feeling of shared peace and concentration and laughter that really lifts the spirit.

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