gifts & blessings
mending moth holes with moths, a short tutorial

wordless weekend

A gift
some crewel from a SWEET friend

duck friends at the stables

Stable art
horses appreciate art too

Penelope & hens
Penelope and friends

Front step
Last blooms at our front door, frost coming soon

Not really too wordless. The fantastic crewel stitching was gifted to me by a friend. I had my eye on it at a charity fair for a local hospice today and she swooped in and secretly purchased it for me. It was in an ugly frame behind glass which I've already stripped off so this pretty bird will become a new cushion instead. I think she looks like autumn, don't you?

The other images are from the stables where Gracie rides on Saturdays. The place is full of photo opps and could be the scene for story books. Picture a child (Gracie) holding a sandwich, a chicken runs up, steals it from her hand, Penelope the basset hound chases the chicken for the sandwich then a runner duck chases Penelope. The dog wins, she always wins ~ you can't leave the kitchen door open, Penelope's a thief. True story.

Lastly, an image of our blooms next to our front door. The ground looks very weedy there, it kind of is. Those are cobblestones and hell to weed. The tiny daisies at the bottom right grow all over the village in every nook and cranny. I'm told they're from Mexico, the climate in Somerset is mild enough for them to thrive.

I've been playing with apps for camera phone images. Though these were uploaded to Instagram, I played with the bottom three in a couple of new to me apps first, they are Snapseed (I've just read Google acquired them a couple weeks ago) and VSCO CAM. I'm probably late to the party here because I'm not up on app news at all, but some of you may not know of them yet. I didn't note what I did to each of them but the changes were fairly subtle, which is the whole reason I like both of these apps. Changes to images can be slight creative enhancements instead of the somewhat over the top options available on Instagram. If you don't have either of these but want more control over your camera images give them a try. Out of the two of them, Snapseed has the edge in my book. 

If you Instagram, let me know, I'm @ninimakes

Not wordless at all.

Back  in the coming week for sure with my little wool related tutorial.





Love those little daisies - I have them in a tatty old pot in my garden and find they look best when they just ramble about in otherwise scruffy areas. They're not entirely happy here but I keep replacing them and they make me smile.

Sonia / Cozy Memories

Yep, VSCO Cam app is the one I use for my photos too. Instagram filters didn't do it for me anymore. I love how you can fade slightly your photos away, with VSCO.
LOL at the scene with the sandwich !!!! I could totally picture it in my mind !
Happy Sunday my friend ! xoxo

Lisa J

I love Penelope. I used to have a Basset named Trixie but she wasn't very clever. Clearly a Basset who can hold her own against the chickens is a clever beast. Wish I could be there to see the sandwich-stealing-scene unfold. How fun. xo


Be still my heart. What a beautiful piece of crewel you and your friend rescued. Real treasure. I know you are going to give it a very good home.

So enjoyed these barnyard images, but my favorite was the shot of your front door. You have an amazing eye for a still life image. I love so many you have taken and shared. I keep links in a little file! Adding this one!

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