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traffic jams and visiting

misty morning

When we leave our village there are small hills and valleys to cross to get to most places, this is some of what we see. Little stone bridges, hay piled high...

flying hay

and west country traffic jams. Traffic-jam
traffic jam

And last week we visited old friends who moved to the west country before us, only about an hour away in Devon. We had such a lovely time catching up and being together, I almost secretly scratched my name on the guest room door to claim it as my own.

I can see your house from here

That's where we stayed, right in the middle of this photo. It's a beautiful place for walking.

our hosts

friendly neighbours

mossy roots & carved mushroom

I could have stayed a very long time. Kitty probably was very glad to see the back of us though because that meant she didn't have to hide from Pippi anymore.


Phew, the coast is clear. Thanks J & J, for having us.

Tomorrow we're off to a local village fair. It's supposed to be a great one – lots of music, local ales and local crafts on show. 

Enjoy your Sunday.


PS, Next week an old fashioned post themed giveaway. It's been a long, long time since my last one :)



Oh how I love the image of the roots and the carved mushroom. So similar to some of the marvelous roots we have up here in the PNW but I especially love this one . This is a fairy palace if i ever saw one!!!


England is so pretty, your photos remind me when we visited you, two years ago, even though I know it's not the same corner of England. They also remind me of our trip to Tarn, because there are cows, hay, ferns and a similar vegetation.
I hope one day I'll get to visit your new place with you.


wow, beautiful. I love seeing those patchwork fields more than anything


Great pictures!
I love getting stuck behind cows in the lanes!


that looks amazing
miss you,Ishould come to see you

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