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cycling with white gloves

autumn bouquet and getting caught in the rain


I feel like the luckiest girl. My sweet friend brought me a huge bunch of the prettiest dahlias you've ever seen and, took me to the hair salon. Seems it was time for my grey to go. I was voted out by all who see me on a daily basis, and now that it's done (first time in many, many months) I must say they were right. This sweet friend has been one of many real rocks, and she always goes above and beyond. I'm lucky.
Yesterday I had one of those walks where it was so sunny when we left and the rain came out of nowhere. Pippi and I waited it out a while under a tree.
And today, I got to see another brand new baby alpaca, she was born this morning. I can't believe this petite mama gave birth to such a big girl. Petting a baby alpaca is like touching the clouds, soft and heavenly. Naomi was helping keep the baby warm and encouraging nursing and the mama just kept reaching everywhere to give her new babe kisses, like a human mum I thought.
Can you guess?
Here's a sneakiy peek at the wool related project I have coming up. Can you guess what it might be? I have a feeling one or two of you will.
Happy Friday to you!



I do think alpacas are some of the cutest animals, so it stands to reason that baby alpacas would be irresistible. So soft!

I go through phases of colouring my hair. I was thinking just yesterday that the greys are starting to take over again. Sigh.


I loved your friend's Fiona Meek's paintings and especially the Looking for shells and all the Whitstable series maybe because I have been to this little seaside retreat!Does she make cards out of her paintings or does she only sell the paintings themselves?AriadnefromGreece!


Dear Joanie, sorry for the delay! I'm so happy you wrote me an email! Thank you so much! I'm trying to recollect my life, finding balance between work and craft... Not easy! But in the meantime I kept reading your blog - always an inspiration.

I wish you a wonderful Fall, xox

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