changing up, and displaying finds
cards from junk and things

autumn begins with silly hats

Last of summer
The last of the summer images have been snapped recently. Some by the river, more at a party for friends. A party that included the most romantic surprise marriage proposal EVER. Congratulations to Naomi and Scott.
Party on
More of some perfect blooms.
But autumn has begun to sneak in. With harvests.
And apples.
And soup making.
Autumn soup already
And back to school this week, not too soon for this little pup.
Because silly hats made from junk out of the recycling bin are not her thing. She's thinking Gracie has too much time on her hands, I'll hide from her between these legs.
Now what?
Didn't hide well enough. Zeesh!
Hope your end of summer has been swell.
See you soon,
PS, Gracie wants you to know that the tiny baseball cap was made with a molded card section from a fruit tray that held peaches and the top hat was made with black card.
Shirring elastic strapped under Pippi's chin kept them each on her head, but then Pippi took them each off about 30 seconds later. Smart dog, disappointed girl.



Autumn comes so much earlier than here for sure. We're having a couple of days of cooler days, but next week is suposed to be warmer, in local seasonal temps. Oh well, I was kind of happy with the cooler temps ! ;-)
Aw, lucky lil Pippi to get such lonvingly handmade hats ! Too bad she didn't seem to enjoy that much ;-)
Sending you all big hugs & good luck for the come back to school !

Linda Thorn

I'm quite impressed with Gracie's creativity and talent! Cute pup, too!


I love that hat, very dapper! I love this time of year but the changeable weather is so confusing - I've taken to leaving in the morning in a summer dress with long socks and a coat so I can do a quick change in the afternoon!

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