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Postcard giveaway
Old postcards

I finally made it back for the giveaway. I've been so quiet really here in this space that there will probably be very good odds for this giveaway as not too many people may be reading at this point.

First a little about these cards. England has a lot of little places tucked away that really haven't changed much since the 1950's, so the whole vintage thing is easy to fix up around here. In Taunton there is a place that definitely hasn't changed at all in decades, it's a stamp shop creatively names "The Taunton Stamp Shop" and you'll find it along the road on the way to the station. I'd give you a link to it's website but there were no websites in the 1950's.

If you go there, admire the rows and rows of built in drawers with old lucite handles and paper ephemera from floor to ceiling. It may not look like much to most people but I'm guessing if you are a reader of this blog you'd appreciate it too.

While there I came across packs of postcards. They were odd assortments; many very old some as new as 1960's, all interesting in some way but deemed of low value for real collectors so they were bundled and sealed and priced to go. I bought a few packs not knowing what was inside, seeing only the card on top –a real pot luck. When I got them home I studied every one of them, I couldn't put them down. 

Vintage stamp giveaway
Old stamps

Reading the short messages are like snapshots from the lives of strangers. Among them was a card to a child at Great Ormond Street hospital from her Granny and Grandad. Many of the cards were giving notice of upcoming visits, sent long before everyone had phones in their homes. And I found it funny that two themes were very common on most cards, themes most modern postcards might have today, a description of the weather and apologies for having little time to write (actually these topics would now most likely be sent in the form of text messages).

The giveaway 

I've chosen 15 or 20 of my favourite postcards (I haven't counted them). The cards I chose either have nice type styles, lovely images on the fronts, pretty handwriting in the message or they are simply quirky. A few have no messages at all and can still be sent with your own note.

Also, a largish matchbox full of old stamps. Though I was in a stamp shop, I bought no stamps, I already have loads of old stamps bought from good boot fairs in the past, even though lots were used with my classes making projects like these.

I hand picked many of the stamps for beautiful art, nature themes, vivid colours and lovely design. A small assortment were just grabbed and tossed in, but I'm sure those will hold gems too. As I studied the stamps I realized creating artwork for a such a small format is a real art in itself. I think most of my favourites are those from Morocco, they have a very Casablancan look.

This giveaway will appeal to those who love paper projects, mixed media, paper stitching or even a to a philatelist.

If you'd like this little gift simply leave a comment on this post about post. I will choose a winner next Friday, the 21st and I will post anywhere.

EDIT: I'll also need your email address in case you win, thanks.

Hope you have a ripping weekend! 


P.S. Ripping is my new favourite adjective, I found it on many of the postcards.



Those cards are beautiful. I think it's so sad that although we can glimpse into the past now via postcards, it won't be so easy (or at least visually attractive) to get a snap shot of 2012 through postcards and the like, because so much is digital.


I agree Jo! Most people don't even bother to print photos any more let alone hand write messages.


i love reading old postcards and new ones too. The sending and receiving of snail :) mail is always such a delight, isn't it.


'Ripping' is great!

I'm so sentimental. I love old postcards and stamps. I framed an old postcard, writing facing out, which I found among my Grandmothers things. The lettering is amazing. Handwriting was once so important, wasn't it?


I've always been a sucker for mail: postcards, stamps, stationery, etc. One of my personal favorites is an unused postcard printed with my great-grandmother's portrait from when she was about 12 years old. Now my daughter, age 5, is the one constantly putting out post for her Nana or her cousin or one of her many little friends.


I am so entering this giveaway my friend ! I may have been slower at sending snail mail these last month, but I have not stopped, thank goodness. Like I told you yesterday (on IG I think), there's a small plate next to me at the computer, full of old stamps.
Thank you for the giveaway my friend !

Lisa Williams

Hi I found your blog thru another blog I read. Would love to win!!!! My daughter and I love paper crafts.
Lisa Williams


Well I love mail! My favourite movie is You've got mail! I have lots of pen pals all over the world!And the last couple of years I have lots of e-mail pals like Lisa who left the comment before me! I also have a big old collection of stamps as my dad was a philatelist(Greek word!)So count me in please!AriadnefromGreece!

Lauren aka Giddy99

Oh, wow, I love stamp artwork, too! What an awesome and generous giveaway; thanks for the chance.


I love reading old post cards too. I always look for them in shops I wonder around in and usually find them tucked away in a bowl or basket or displayed on a large tray or nice wooden's like reading really short stories...only you get to make most of it up yourself! I use stamps for art too. Love the tie!
This is a fun give away!

Cindy Gould

I would love to win just for the sheer joy of owning that rhinoceros stamp! I'd put it in a little frame, hang it up, and smile every time I looked at it.

Thanks for the chance!

msgould_ams (at) hotmail (d0t) com


Thank goodness someone thought these were worth saving! So many times, old letters and cards are tossed out, maybe the only example of someone's handwriting. I guess I'm sentimental, but I truly treasure this sort of thing - and the stamps are fantastic too! What a great giveaway!!

Denise Leavens

Oh, these do look ripping good! Thank you for spreading the love of ephemera, especially vintage kind, with this generous giveaway.


Oh the possibilities! I've inherited such wonderful ephemera from my Grandma's attic, the 'treasures' that no one else wanted...little bits and pieces in the bottom of a jewelry box, family farm accounting ledgers from the 1940s, old glittery Christmas warms my heart to use these little objects in my art, as an homage to my family's roots. Thank you for the fun give-away!

Annie @ knitsofacto

Just blog hopped over here. Would you believe I grew up near Taunton and went to school there. My Dad collects stamps and I swear I remember that shop!

Lovely post. So pleased to 'meet' you :D

Annie @ knitsofacto

Meant to say, my email address is on my blog. Thank you for the giveaway :D


This is a lovely giveaway; I love old postcards. Please count me in, thanks!
ap_lemos at yahoo dot com

Linda F.

Beautiful cards... it has been a long time since I wrote or received a letter.


ooooh!!..just Daddy used to collect stamps and I would spend many hours with him steaming them off envelopes and then drying them out on the side of a kettle!!..My Grandaddy used to send beautiful old cards to my nanny when he was posted overseas during the second world war..sadly a lost skill these days my email is ;-)fab blog!!!


I know the contest if long over with but I have to comment anyway! I love postcards and old stamps - they can tell wonderful stories - even if only imaginary! I bookmarked your blog a long, long time ago, can't even remember when, and then I lost my hard some of what I had in my favorites section popped up!! I was shocked - don't know how that even is possible but I was so glad to find the links for blogs that I love, including yours! So while I wasn't in time for the giveaway, I've now got you bookmarked in a safe spot - and have enjoy catching up! xo, Nan


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