those fourteen flew by
mending, sweet seaweed and views

Somerset, Summertime

Stone walking
Stone walking, by Dianne

Big fossils
Big ammonite impression, by Dianne

Tris and Rufus
Tris and Rufus


Manx sheep

Feeding time
Feeding time

Hi There

Parcel of kitties
Bundle of kitties

Woods & rays
Woods and rays

Visitors are coming and going as often as the sun around here and we've been enjoying spending time with old friends. Lots of trips out and about have included fossil exploration, visits to our super sweet farm friends, woodland walks, river walks and a castle visit. It's fantastic to take a little breather and explore even more of the beautiful place we now call home.

In between it all it's been difficult to come unglued from the Olympic coverage. We're lucky enough to get to cheer on two countries in our household and boy it's all been so exciting. Though I haven't been online much at all there are a couple of links I've been meaning to pass along and one that I came across this evening that brought back happy memories.

  • This talented lady gives me serious tool envy. The short video in this post I just love, the whole thing, love.
  • Here's one for the kiddos from the Tate, although I must admit I tried to help Alice catch the rabbit myself, several times.
  • This post from npr looks at Lucielle Ball clips on the eve of her 101 birthday. These clips from old shows reminded me of staying home ill from school when I was little and watching rerun after rerun of Lucy – genuis! The being ill part probably not so fun though ;)

Hope you have a great week ahead, must run now so I can get up early and prepare for the next visitors. 





Lisa J

WOW that plant!! What a fun walk, thanks for inviting us along.

That brooklyntowest is amazing, isn't she? I found her work a while back and really admire it.



Beautiful! Beautiful!

What is the plant Thumbelina is hiding under? We have one growing at one of our favorite wedding venues as well. Hoping you know what it is!!

So happy to hear you are enjoying your summer and being showered with love from many friends.

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