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changing up, and displaying finds

Giant hog weed
giant hog weed

I've been meaning to change things around here for a long, long time now. I've had various new images in the works for over a year; I finally just went with a completely new one inspired my friends, the House Martins under the eaves. More changes to come.

Nature finds
displaying finds

My last article for the Green Parent was super fun to make, it was about displaying nature finds. Pick up the next issue to see how we made customized shelving.

Come on then

These are a few Instagrams from the week in walks. This foot bridge is at the end of one of our long walks and Pippi of course always wants to keep on going.

Loan oak
loan oak

This field has just been harvested, I loved the light on it that day. Those few bare branches at the top are favourite rest stops for local kestrels.

Hope you have a great weekend ahead with lots of lovely plans and good food and drink too.


mending, sweet seaweed and views


I bought this guy at a small gallery about 10 years ago. He's made so many moves with us and is still in one piece. I like him just as much now as when I bought him and have let out a sigh of relief each time he's been unpacked intact.

Mended with strips
patchwork strip mending

This old favourite linen duvet cover finally got repaired a while back but I'd forgotten all about showing my finished mend. I'm pleased this old thing will last a while longer. I did no measuring, just grabbed longish pieces from my scrap bag and stitched them together. By the time I got around to this repair the rip in the cover had gone the whole length so the job got bigger and bigger. I now love my old cover even more. 

Sweet seaweed
seaweed at Kilve

Speaking of love, this seaweed I spotted last week on a visit to Kilve made me smile. I  this stuff!

Rolling in

One of our stops along a local walk. These have been typical summer skies for us this year, always changing.

Team GB
T's allegiance is clear

We loved watching all of the Olympics. In the run up to it I couldn't help wishing that the billions of pounds were going into local sports programs throughout the country instead of building works, transportation, entertainment, security and so much more. But the spirit the games infused into the nation has been more than worth it I'd say. I hope the pride continues and that sports programs build as its legacy, the nations youth desperately need them – we only need to look back at the riots of last year as an example of why.

I hope your week is off to a ripping start! 


PS - T overuses the word "random" as a teenage thing but that's exactly what the topics in this post are which is appropriate for our summer this year.

Somerset, Summertime

Stone walking
Stone walking, by Dianne

Big fossils
Big ammonite impression, by Dianne

Tris and Rufus
Tris and Rufus


Manx sheep

Feeding time
Feeding time

Hi There

Parcel of kitties
Bundle of kitties

Woods & rays
Woods and rays

Visitors are coming and going as often as the sun around here and we've been enjoying spending time with old friends. Lots of trips out and about have included fossil exploration, visits to our super sweet farm friends, woodland walks, river walks and a castle visit. It's fantastic to take a little breather and explore even more of the beautiful place we now call home.

In between it all it's been difficult to come unglued from the Olympic coverage. We're lucky enough to get to cheer on two countries in our household and boy it's all been so exciting. Though I haven't been online much at all there are a couple of links I've been meaning to pass along and one that I came across this evening that brought back happy memories.

  • This talented lady gives me serious tool envy. The short video in this post I just love, the whole thing, love.
  • Here's one for the kiddos from the Tate, although I must admit I tried to help Alice catch the rabbit myself, several times.
  • This post from npr looks at Lucielle Ball clips on the eve of her 101 birthday. These clips from old shows reminded me of staying home ill from school when I was little and watching rerun after rerun of Lucy – genuis! The being ill part probably not so fun though ;)

Hope you have a great week ahead, must run now so I can get up early and prepare for the next visitors.