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those fourteen flew by


I loved this day. Just you, me the dog and the trees. We didn't see another soul for hours, as if all of Exmoor was reserved for us that day. If I could I'd reserve space for you everywhere so you could just be, just you and your beat (maybe I can tag a long too;) 

Fourteen today. Fourteen seems like a really big one, but I'm quite sure I said that last year at thirteen and the year before that too. Of course, now you tower over me so that might have a little something to do with it.

I hope you have a wonderful year ahead sweet boy and make loads of music to fill your new space with.

Happy birthday Tristan!

Love, Mama xoxo


summer gifts and glory

We've missed you sun
we've missed you sunshine

The sun has graced us nearly every day since the children finished school, good timing really. Our first outing was spent on a hot sunny beach and now that we're on the Atlantic side we have real waves which means body surfing!

Walking without my wellies on has been a bonus too – no more ankle-deep mud to wade through. The hedgerows are throwing up all sorts of colour and textures.

Summer hedgerows
summer hedgerows

I've also found a nearby river walk and Pippi is learning that she needs an exit strategy when she decides to jump full steam into the water. So far I've only had to pull her out twice.

More summer hedgerows
more summer hedgerows

And the warm weather was also welcomed for Gracie's first horse show; a show she was very nervous to take part in fearing she was too inexperienced and new to the sport to compete. She was wrong. 

First show
first show

She took first place in her class and had a "clear round" apparently that's pony speak for doing really well.

Collecting her cup

I was so proud of her for overcoming her nerves and taking part.

Early evening sun
early evening sun peeking through the arch

And tonight I peeked out the window while I was climbing the stairs to put laundry away and spotted this view; I put down the laundry and joined the flowers to soak up the last rays of the day's sun.

Tomorrow we have friends arriving for a visit and Monday we celebrate Tristan's fourteenth birthday. Fourteen!!!

Hope your having a warm and wonderful weekend.


rain lovers

Blue sky!
blue sky

Don't listen to all that dreary news about the weather... wettest April, May, June on record... blah, blah, blah. If you catch the sky at just the right time and you're really, really patient blue can be seen. Tristan and I ran outside the other day and basked in it for at least an hour, just soaked up as much vitamin D as we could, Pippi too.

Beautiful boy
my boy

And if you happened to miss my Facebook link to Tristan's performance at our local music club then here's the link again. He was calm and cool as usual, his mother could barely hold the video camera for nerves, don't know why. He performed two songs, his second is one of my personal favourites and as you can see, he went acoustic for this one. If you get a chance to watch and if you enjoy it, Tris would be chuffed to bits if you gave the video a thumbs up on YouTube.

Snny fields
sunny fields

Today the children finished school. We have this and that planned and a whole lot unplanned like exploring nearby beaches. We're most looking forward to a series of visitors in the coming weeks. I'm also hoping to squeeze in a quick visit to Calif in August to see family. My mom's been unwell which of course makes home feel extra far away.

Here under the eaves there are just a couple of House Martins left waiting to take the plunge and fledge. Getting out to photograph the little ones has been tricky, especially when the rain buckets down – I don't have much time left.

Rain lover
rain lover

And these are a couple of more common recent sites. Wet leaves, happy snails and drooping petals. Lucky I love walking in the rain :)

Wet daisies

I hope you're all enjoying the summer no matter what mother nature brings in the way of weather.

Happy days to you.



Lovely Toos

Sculpture by Toos 

Yesterday Toos Bressers died peacefully at her home in Holland with her family. She was a lovely mum, wife, Oma, auntie, friend and also an artist. Her artwork, some of which I showed here, will always remind me of her love for family, her gentle nature and her generosity. As I type this her twinkling eyes and knowing smile are vivid in my minds eye. 

Love and condolences to sweet Dianne and family.