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Mama and babe

New friends down the road live in Gracie's idea of heaven. For several years she has begged to have a small farm that is home to a long list of animals. There have even been prolonged tantrums over not having her own farm. I'm sure one day she will make it happen.

Chick friend

What a fantastic visit we had. There are many newborns on this little farm at the moment. Lots of chicks, lambs, a one day old alpaca, brand new kittens and puppies on the way. There were also pigs and bunnies and rare breed sheep. 


We picked up the most beautiful fleece for felting when we first met, I'll have to get more soon. The fleece from the rare breed sheep and alpacas is so lovely it makes me want to spin. But do I need to learn a new craft, one that requires a large wheel – I'm thinking no (at least not right now;)

New babe

The little guy above on the left was born on Tuesday; he's called Diamond because he was a Jubilee baby. I love the colour and beautiful eyes of mama on his right there.

Snowy alpacas

The last of the parties was Thursday and we made some extra yummy cakes from our favourite Little Red Barn Baking Book.* These Velvet Butter Cupcakes weren't the quickest to whip up but well worth the effort. The head chef only let me help decorate two. She had so much fun with these – worth every last E number in those squeezy icing tubes.

Cake maker

The little sugar decorations I picked up at Waitrose, couldn't resist the tiny London buses.


Our half-term break is nearly over, back to school Monday but we look forward to a visit from a dear friend tomorrow. 

Enjoy your weekend, and if you see Mister Sun, please send him back our way :)


* The Little Red Barn Baking Book (I've mentioned before) is getting hard to find but well worth the effort of searching for it. We love every recipe in it. The author, Adriana Rabinovich has now become an expert in gluten-free cooking after her daughter, Ruth was diagnosed with Coeliac Disease in 2004. I have no doubt that her gluten-free recipes will be brilliant too. Her's is one of the only books I don't mess around with, every recipe is spot on.



Ah, we had the very same tiny buses - weren't they cute? But not nearly as cute as the alpacas. I have always had a soft spot for alpacas. Did you ever watch Nuzzle and Scratch on cBeebies? Mad, but you can't argue with alpaca based humour!


Such fun looking times at the barn! She will indeed have her own farm one day. Obsession with animals is a lifelong thing! At her age I too was smitten with everything fuzzy. Still am. :)


What a beautiful farm you visited! And yummie cakes! I am sending you some sun all the way from Greece!AriadnefromGreece!


those cakes are amazing!!


We visited friends yesterday who also live on a small farm. I agree with Gracie. Such places are a little piece of paradise.


First of all - if Mister Sun shows up around here - i am keeping him!! Sorry!

The cup cakes are so pretty! Compliments to the head chef!! And her brilliant Mum who found the bus!

Lisa J

Alpacas are kind of hilarious looking, no?

Awesome cupcakes. You are some talented little bakers.

Tell Gracie she can come here and pet the chickens and ducks anytime she likes.

Sonia / Cozy Memories

Hello my friend. Sorry for such a late visit, I wonder where time is flying, during this month of June.
Diamond and his fellows are beyond adorable !! Who could resist such fluffy faces & butts ! ;-)
I know they are long gone now, but the cupcakes were won-der-ful ! Way to go, girls !!
So glad that G can visit such a place when possible, she must be so thrilled !
Big hugs to you all !

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