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I'm in that mode again. Whittling down all the crap that's accumulated around us over the past two and a half years and getting ready to shove it all in to boxes to move. Some things take me extra time though, like my vintage linens and textiles. Even though it's Sunday I was up at the crack of dawn to sort through some of these in peace, and as usual I'm deciding not to part with most of it. I am parting with some of my more modern fabrics though and as I have no time for selling them I'll divide them up between some of my more keen young students to start their own fabric stashes; Gracie already has a stash of her own started.

On another note, Tristan has posted a tutorial for his indoor shuffleboard type game. It's very detailed, including a fabulous video he put together with his mother as amateur camera woman. Check it out and let him know how you like it if you get a chance.

Hope you're having a restful Sunday. 




On the move again? Somewhere exciting I hope? I don't envy you the packing, though I could do with some consolidation of my own here.

margie oomen

i would be the same
give up the modern fabrics and
hand on the vintage ones
sending you much love

Jill Wignall

I didn't know you where about to move! Are you staying in the uk? I hope so. I'm around next weekend if you need me to come and help. Much love Joanie. x x x


Hi Joanie - I know all about finding it difficult to discard. Sometimes I do get these moods where I really do get rid of lots of (good) things and contrary to the feng shui books etc actually do regret and miss my stuff later. BUT if you know someone else is making use of it then that is reassuring.
My main problem is the loveley magazines and catalogs that I want to keep but finally send to recyling. because more new ones keep coming!
What kind of modern fabrics do you have? perhaps I would be interested in purchasing some of them - send me a flickr mail if you want.
I spent my first 30 years of life constantly moving. I am so happy to be staying put right now!!! It's so much work, I'm thinking of you xo Karen

Sonia / Cozy Memories

Like you & Margie, I would keep the vintage, antique materials, and would share the modern/new ones with people who enjoy them. But I know it is hard to get rid of things, some we paid the price for, enjoyed/loved at some point, and now don't feel as important as they used to. Moving is hard work, you are constantly in my thoughts. We live so far from each other, I really wish I lived closer to come help you out.
Please take care xoxo

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