Expect the unexpected

Sparrowhawk, image by Hiyashi Haka via Flickr

This morning I saw a sparrowhawk carrying off a young bird in it's talons. That bird was probably hopping along minding it's own business, pecking the frozen ground in search of loose seeds and grubs when suddenly two giant feet appeared out of nowhere and whisked her away.

It's easy to feel like a small, defenceless bird when things happen unexpectedly. Lately I've been involved in lots of quick action to take control and minimize nasty surprises. It's been busy and a little scary but mostly empowering. I've got an even busier time ahead with lots of personal changes over the next few months but I'm sure the outcome will be good.

Pippi's patches
Though I haven't been around here on the blog there's been a lot of fun stuff happening behind the scenes. We fashioned a Pippi Longstocking hairstyle for Gracie for a book character day at school, it involved aluminium wire bending and wrapping and plaiting and pinning and it worked! She created her own outfit to match the hairstyle.

Gracie has also decided dipping lollipops in chocolate is culinary genius and so do her school friends who nearly knocked her over to buy them. The children are being encouraged at school to create a business to fund a charity; selling out her lollies two days in a row in a matter of minutes means she's off to a bloomin good start.

Shuffle Board - All 3
And on one of our recent subzero days Tristan invented an indoor shuffleboard game with one of my empty ribbon spools, he'll link to his own tutorial soon but it's super fun to play – it's been our post-dinner entertainment this week.

Patchwork mending
I've been hand stitching some patchwork strips to repair my ageing linen duvet cover. I'll probably need to bring in the machine though to speed up the process because the tear is becoming too big too fast. 

Blue tit feast
The birds in the garden (especially the blue tits) have been acting as if it's spring, nasty shock they had with the big freeze this week. We added an extra fatball feeder before the serious cold set in to help out.

And we've finally had enough snow for snowman building this week but a little more tobogganing action before the winter ends would be nice. Our snowman likes cuddles, see? He's asking you for one now (careful though he gets all melty).

 Happy Wednesday, hope to see you soon,



Sonia / Cozy Memories

you've been so busy
and I wish you all the best for what is to come
T & G are so smart, I love both the game T invented & what G made for her Pippi outifit !!
xoxo hugs to you all

mathyld ▲ under the pyramids ▲

Your kids are utterly magical !
x x x

Lisa J

You have some clever kids there. I guess the apple doesn't fall far from the tree. Thinking of you. xo


Ah, looks like you have all been very busy - and it's starting to look like you may get the snow you're after in the next few days! Lots of changes here too but we're still in "running around like headless chickens" mode.

Nicole Follow the White Bunny

Wishing you all the best in these busy and challenging times! x


What a sweet Pippi!

I admire the courage you have in facing this tough time. May this year be all you need and wish it to be.

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