Good tidings to all
Wordless Wednesday

back again and non goals

Missed you
We missed our little girl

We've slowly sloughed off the jet-lag, finally got the unpacking finished, suitcases stored away and tree well out of the house. Ready for a new year.

I've got oodles of family pics from our trip which might bore the pants off you but I'll post them so I can remember the fun just a little longer. RIght now I have a little overdue deadline to see to. We had a lovely time in sunny CA but were happy to see this excited little face again.

I haven't yet taken the time to ponder the year ahead, still trying to get my head around the year I've just left behind so it made me really smile when I read about Erin's list of non goals. Now I'm thinking maybe my first goal for the year is to make a non goal list of my own. If you haven't read her post it's about listing the things you're already doing well instead of new goals, excellent food for thought. I'm thinking this might be a gentler way to ease into any lofty ideas for the future by first thinking about the things I'm already proud of.

For my boy
For My Boy

And speaking of proud, poor T was saddled with an outrageous amount of work over Christmas break in preparation for upcoming exams. He ploughed through page after page and set himself goals for completion. Yesterday, the last day of vacation, he woke and brought me and Gracie tea in bed then went straight to work finishing his mountains of prep. Baking a huge batch of gooey chocolate chip cookies was the least his mama could do for all his hard work – he sweetly shared them with his sister and mama too. His exam results don't matter a jot, his huge, gigantic, enormous effort is all that counts to me.

Morning wow
Sunrise back in the UK

We left some wonderful sunsets over a blue Pacific but back here in the UK we've had some beautiful colour to wake to, though slightly chillier. 

Life has seemed in slow motion this week, I've felt like I'm wading through molasses, but I hope to catch up with friends near and far soon.

Have a wonderful week.




oh my friend, I missed you ! Welcome back !
but take your time, nothing's more important than your family
I've just read the article you've pointed out (thank you !), which was really interesting & inspiring
I wouldn't say I have "goals", but there are things I really want to see change, and areas in which I want to improve
hats off for your efforts, T, your French buddies are proud of you
oxoxo to you all

margie oomen

welcome back joanie,
you were so missed over the holidays although it was nice again to feel you closer without the big ocean separating us.
All the best to T's exams, he sounds so mature in his approach to things.


So lovely to see you again! Well done, T - I'm sure his hard work will pay dividends.

Non goals, eh? I might be able to manage a few of those myself!


Happy New Year, Joanie! A list of nongoals? I think I like that idea.


Welcome back, Joanie! Your transition back home sounds just like mine. I have been shocked at how long it's taken me to get back into the swing of things. Just yesterday was the first day I had the energy and motivation to think about my own creative needs, after using every ounce just to get through post-holiday cleaning, making dinner, etc. I CANNOT wait to see what this year has in store for you creatively. I can just feel that it's going to be a great one for you.

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