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Short scarf
Short scarf

We had a lovely early Christmas with the UK family on Sunday so I can show a few of the items I've finished so far. The short winter scarf was cut from a thrifted cashmere sweater and I lined it with a vintage silk scarf. It's probably the gift I most want to repeat to make one for myself.

I'm working all out now to finish a couple things for Gracie and the American family because we're off to California at the end of this week. I'm sure most of you are busy with last minute preparations too.

Finished booties
Finished Purl Bee booties

These booties were simple and fun and both children want grown-up versions of them, think I'll have to find some very big felted jumpers for that job. The pattern is here.


It's been really great diving into my boxes and tins of stash I have tucked away all over the house to make gifts. This year I've already sculpted clay, needle felted, made jewelry, sewn, embroidered, lino printed and baked. Feels good to use only the resources I have on hand. I've so far only had to buy one zipper (for a gift not shown) and I've made 17 gifts. That means I've been either very resourceful or I'm a HUGE hoarder of stash. I prefer to believe the resourceful one ;)

The Black Apple dolls above are from Emily Martin's pattern and far quicker than patterns I've drafted myself so I recommend them if you need some quick gifts for little people. The pattern is here. The pencil case above and doll on the left are made from my favourite vintage tea towel, they were for two sisters.

I have had to buy some gifts though because I find teenage boys challenging to make things for and there are seven of them on my list! 

I hope your own lists are being nicely checked off and you're either finishing all you've planned or throwing your hands up with a smile and drinking mulled wine instead.

Happy days to you,




I have a mix of handmade and bought too - and I am about to call time on the quilt making attempt. Better to have one big thing unfinished and lots of little things done than everything in an ungiftable state!

Jill Wignall

Joanie you've done such a good job! I completely agree that using what we have is a really rewarding way of giving gifts. I'm really happy with what I've made so far and I'm looking forward to giving them. The dolls you've made are delightful, and so modern! Better than anything in the shops. Out of my grump today and busy finishing off gifts as well as washing, packing etc.... not long till we are all sitting enjoying mulled wine! x x


Jill, everything looks wonderful. The recipients are going to be so happy. Have a great Christmas!


I love everything you made for your family
it's filled with love & care, and they will be thrilled to be gifted handmade gifts !
my boys will get a mix too, I decided to make them a scarflette
not sure how they will be received, but at least I will have tried


you have been busy ! you are a Jill of all trades :)


I am desperately behind on keeping up with my bloggy friends, but had to pop in to wish you a wonderful trip, and lovely Christmas! May 2012 be filled with good things for you and your children.

(and btw, I ADORE those pretty white clay ornaments you made!)

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