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Cedar impressions
cedar impressions 

I woke to a flurry of snow this morning, nicely powdering the countryside around us. By afternoon the sun was shining and all the white stuff was gone. The cold got us in the mood for a big pot of tea and one of our favourite crafts at Christmas time, playing with paper clay. Today we made gift tags and ornaments by cutting out simple shapes and making impressions in them. Cedar sprigs worked well because they are somewhat flat.

Cedar tree
cedar tree

We also made cedar trees.

More impressions
doily impressions

And there are so many really beautiful textile textured ceramics around that we had to give doily pressing a go but the simple cedar was still our favourite. 

Clay time
star stacks

Gracie also turned a stack of stars into what will become a photo holder.

Gifting for nieces
gifts made today

More gift making happened today too. I dug out my jewelry making supplies and made a couple of necklaces for nieces, mixing vintage turquoise glass with fresh water pearls. It's been a long time since I've looped headpins on beads and I had lots and lots of rejects before I could happily string them.

I'm now trying to make up some sort of short scarf for my mother-in-law. I'm repurposing some thrifted cashmere lined with a vintage silk scarf. Not too sure about it, I can see it in my head but I'm not sure my fingers will make it a reality, I'm crossing my toes for luck because my fingers are too busy.

While I'm sewing I'm listening to "The People's Post" on Radio Four, interesting history of how receiving post was only for the wealthy until standard fee packets and stamps came in to existence in the 17th century. In the modern world of Internet correspondence and texting I hope good old hand-written post will survive.

Have a lovely weekend – I hope your mail box will be filled with only happy messages :)


PS, I just saw these little birds pop up in Lisa's space. Can't wait to see how they finish up in a dress.



Lisa J

Those clay ornaments are so lovely, my friend. I'll cross some fingers for you too that your cashmere and silk scarf turns out just how you envision it. It's sure to be a thing of beauty. xo


everything you made turned out amazing :)

Cheryl G

I love it all!
Very beautiful!

Jill Wignall

looked like a fun time you had together, crafting. No snow here in London apart from the specs that came down with the rain yesterday morning. Your good at repurposing fabrics, that's something I'd like to try more of. Enjoy the weekend Joanie. x


you have been making such delightful things, my friends !
using cedar & lace with the clay look so good !
I wanted to include this activity this year but somehow it never happened LOL
I am also in full mode of keeping-warm-gifts making :)


I love the look of the cedar printed clay ornaments, Joanie. My fingers and toes are crossed for you also. Glad to hear the soaps have arrived and that you are enjoying them.

Caroline C

Paper clay? Is there a recipe for it or do you buy it? I love the clay heart with the cedar imprint. I also LOVE the necklace.

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