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Leafy walks and other good things

Bird bath
Little bath

Tiny bath for a tiny mouse or maybe a wren.

Hedgerow glory
Hedgerows showing off

Our mild autumn has meant lots of colour still in the hedgrows. 


Looks like the one on the right is napping.


Love these knobbly trees.


We've been so lucky to have the autumn color for so long. Our current blustery storm is bound to strip all the remaining leaves. I just struggled to walk home against the wind, Pippi had no problem though :)


Some good news. Cousin Mark and wife Leanne just had their third sweet girl. Welcome to the world little Élodie, can't wait to meet you.

Also, across the pond cousin Brinkley has a new photography page on Facebook here. Her images look so much wiser than her seventeen years.

On Sunday Gracie and I spent a couple glorious hours at the seaside. Stone skipping, making art then watching the sea reclaim it – G's posted more about our excursion on her blog.

Sand doodle
Sand doodles

Happy Tuesday to you!


PS, I my apologies for the phone camera images, I haven't managed to get out with my good camera lately.

Images from a weekend

Sunny morning
Sunny morning

What a beautiful weekend of sunshine. We spent the weekend in Kent with friends and family, it was a lovely break.

Starry plant
Pretty leaves,forgot the name

Love the colour and shape of these.

Little owl
Little Owl

In the evenings we were entertained by the music of lots of tawny owls. This owl makes different sorts of sounds.

Touch of frost
Touch of frost

We had a little icing on the plants.

Abandoned window

Thanks to our hosts, we loved spending time with you!

If you have a blog, this post will make you laugh, oddly it also made me cry.
These stitched book covers are wonderful, what a great FS contest. Go and vote.
I'm wanting to squeeze in the making of at least a couple of Christmas gifts but it hasn't happened yet. If only I could schedule children's illnesses, car break downs and unwelcome surprises in the post... life would be a regular walk in the park!  

Still not much time for blog visits, forgive my absence friends. Really hoping to see you soon. I leave you with this image: This morning I saw an old lady impeccably dressed from head to toe walking down the road blowing an enormous bubble. She reminded me of my kooky maternal grandmother and really made me giggle, if I were Jill, she'd be my drawing today ;)


A quick hello

Sunny web

Thought it was time to dust off the cobwebs here and say hello. This web looked so beautiful when I came upon it on my walk it made me stop short, it looked amazing with the early morning sun hitting it. You know that kind of moment when nature sets everything up in such an extraordinary way that you can't help ooooh and awwwww out loud even if you're all by yourself, this was one of those moments.

We've been riding a tough emotional roller coaster around here for the last couple of weeks so it was super fun to get back online and receive these messages about young crafters enjoying tutorials from Nini Makes. 

DSCN3447Thank you to Marie who shared pictures of four year old Madelynn enjoying her new needle book made from this tutorial. Four years old, wow! Impressive work young Madelynn. I see many stitches in your future.

And if you follow Abby on Twitter you may have come across photos of the Dancing Scarecrows by two of her girls. I love seeing this tutorial resurface year after year.

If you enjoy a NM pattern or tutorial remember there's a group here where you can share your creations.

Hope you have a very happy week!


PS, I hope to visit soon.


A new, old pattern and a visitor

Wild skies & rainbows

We've had some wild skies lately. With extraordinary images like this one it's easy to see how one could expect to see magical little people living in this landscape. 

Log cabin Gnomebody's Home cushion

Gnomebody's-Home-sampleYou may recognize this pattern and cushion, I made it at least three years ago.
I wanted to offer up this "Lights are on but gnomebody's home" pattern then but I started to feel a little gnomed-out, by the time I went to put it online gnomes were e-v-e-r-y-w-h-e-r-e!

A sweet person called Ruth stitched this one up for me to test the pattern but I can't find her blog any more to link to. She's since gone off to start uni so she's probably now involved in busy studenty stuff. Click on the cushion image to make it larger and see what a beautiful job she made of it. 

I decided to get him out of hard drive storage, dust him off and offer him up. The pattern can be found here.

Gnome homes

Everywhere I look while I walk this time of year seems I see places that could be home to fairies, gnomes and sprites – hopefully no trolls. Little mossy logs and toadstool villages are perfect homes. These agarics are from a few weeks ago and I thought we'd have no more after our warm spell, but I spotted new ones yesterday, also loads of parasols in the grasses and earthballs in the woods. Lucky the frost hasn't set in too badly yet to finish off the fungi.


Now the leaves are copper and gold and hailing down. Soon they'll be gone and I haven't managed any nice images yet. Hopefully I'll get some in the coming week when I drag my sister up and down hills and through the woods with me. She's visiting from Texas where she now lives and there they've had several months of outrageously hot and dry weather – hope she packed her layers and her walking boots.

Hope you have a magical day :)


Magazines well worth a mention

The Green Parent

I can't believe it's already been four years since I became a regular contributor to The Green Parent. I love coming up with projects for this magazine. Not only are Melissa and Jez (the editor and art director) fantastic to work with, the topics and themes are close to my heart – and I get loads of opportunities to work with my favourite tools, found objects and natural materials. 

The website states "The magazine is produced by a small team of passionate experts who live and breathe the positive message of the magazine." And I believe this is what makes the GP such a quality read. 

It's a brilliant magazine for ecologically minded families, pick it up at Sainsburys, Waitrose, WH Smith, or Boots or ask your newsagent for it. Check out their back issues here. If you can't get yourself a copy, their website and forums are brilliant too. In addition, check out the blog, I like this list of ways to celebrate national buy nothing day which is coming around again.

COVERIssue7.SticksStones.60This next one is an e-mag, but I'm secretly hoping Action Pack will also be available in print one day. It's smart, creative and fun and nicely speaks to slightly older children as well as younger ones. Most kids mags seems to stop entertaining at around the 9 year old mark whereas Action Pack has loads to interest both my 10 and 13 year olds and that's a tall order.

Kathreen, invited me to take part in this latest issue and my helper and I loved every minute of jewellery making with sticks, we've been very into playing with drills lately. It was extra fun pouring through the latest issue and seeing two gorgeous projects from Margie too.


Another brilliant mag for children worth mentioning is Anorak. My two have now grown out of it but I highly recommend it for entertaining content and great, contemporary artwork. Update: Just found out Anorak is now available in French too.

Oh-Comely-coverLastly (in this post), a new find from the newsagents. oh comely. I hope this one lasts a long, long time - I love it. It's hard to define, which can sometimes be a publications downfall, but it covers a wide spectrum of art in a friendly way. In their own words "It's a magazine that inspires people to be creative, talk to their neighbours and explore new things, rather than buy stuff or lose weight. Imagine sitting down with a cup of tea and a creative friend to hear all the strange things she says, all the curious stuff she does, and about the things she loves." 

Inside this mag you'll find musicians, illustrators, crafters, film reviews, social observations, recipes... see hard to define. I think it also speaks to a wide age range, not just 20 - 30 somethings. The fact that the cover always has a 20 something girl on the front cover is, in my opinion, the only fault. I say fault because I don't think it visually speaks to the casual magazine peruser about what's inside – I wouldn't want that to stop people picking it up. 

I don't buy many publications these days but these are all well worth the investment.

Happy Tuesday,