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A new, old pattern and a visitor

Wild skies & rainbows

We've had some wild skies lately. With extraordinary images like this one it's easy to see how one could expect to see magical little people living in this landscape. 

Log cabin Gnomebody's Home cushion

Gnomebody's-Home-sampleYou may recognize this pattern and cushion, I made it at least three years ago.
I wanted to offer up this "Lights are on but gnomebody's home" pattern then but I started to feel a little gnomed-out, by the time I went to put it online gnomes were e-v-e-r-y-w-h-e-r-e!

A sweet person called Ruth stitched this one up for me to test the pattern but I can't find her blog any more to link to. She's since gone off to start uni so she's probably now involved in busy studenty stuff. Click on the cushion image to make it larger and see what a beautiful job she made of it. 

I decided to get him out of hard drive storage, dust him off and offer him up. The pattern can be found here.

Gnome homes

Everywhere I look while I walk this time of year seems I see places that could be home to fairies, gnomes and sprites – hopefully no trolls. Little mossy logs and toadstool villages are perfect homes. These agarics are from a few weeks ago and I thought we'd have no more after our warm spell, but I spotted new ones yesterday, also loads of parasols in the grasses and earthballs in the woods. Lucky the frost hasn't set in too badly yet to finish off the fungi.


Now the leaves are copper and gold and hailing down. Soon they'll be gone and I haven't managed any nice images yet. Hopefully I'll get some in the coming week when I drag my sister up and down hills and through the woods with me. She's visiting from Texas where she now lives and there they've had several months of outrageously hot and dry weather – hope she packed her layers and her walking boots.

Hope you have a magical day :)




what an adorable & sweet little gnome !
the British countryside is hard to beat concerning that magic "thing"
Beatrix Potter was a true example
so happy you'll get to have your sis !! Enjoy every second of it together
I know you will


So much to love here, Joanie, the rainbow, the group of lucky "Fliegenpilze" fungi (the one that always grew by our woodpile hasn't shown up this year :( ), that your sister will be visiting, OH, and of course that adorable gnome pillow you've designed. Thanks for spreading the magic! xo Karen

Lisa J

What a place to explore. I'm going to work on winning the lottery so I can come out and explore it with you, okay?

Have a blast with your sister, and have a wonderful weekend.


margie oomen

this post is filled with sweetness
and i hope lisa wins enough money to include a few friends in her visit:)


What a lovely post! I've been out of circulation and have missed so many things, so it feels good to be catching up. Your embroideries are exquisite, as always.


What a sweet little pillow. And I love your mushroom shots. Agarics are soooo cute! I wish they grew here.

Lissa Brooks

I've been trying to subscribe to this blog because I love your stuff!

However, the link "Subscribe to this blog's feed" that ends in .xml only brings up code on multiple computers. (

My husband is a programmer, so I had him test it at work - same thing.

So you might want to look into that, otherwise people won't be able to subscribe to your feed.

Do you have a normal email subscription anywhere? That's what I (and perhaps others) prefer rather than RSS feeds that I always forget to check up on. Or maybe a Facebook page that posts new blog posts?


have a great time with you sister

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