Found things and painted leaves
Snowed in

I'll get there

Play day
Woodland peg fairy

There were so many things on my to-do list to be finished by the end of this week but as we all know stuff sometimes gets in the way. No need to bore you with a list of stuff.

Sometimes it's best to throw my hands up and sit down to a pile of scraps with daughter and her friend. Making hats with beech tree seed pods, dresses of muslin and painted on faces made us smile. It's been too long since we pulled out our box of peg people parts, we'll have to visit that box more often.

Christmas pattern preview
New pattern sometime soon

One of those to-do list items was this new pattern. Clearly not finished as I thought it might be, but playtime with little G sometimes must shoot to the top of the list, I'm sure you'd all agree :)

Thinking of friends whose families are struggling with illnesses right now, you know who you are and that I send my love.

Also, I forgot to say thanks for sharing your favourite childhood book memories, it was really fun to read them.

Happy weekend,



Sonia / Cozy Memories

what a doll
you and she brought me a smile
just what I needed today
love oxox

margie oomen

playing with g should always be at the top of the list
I wish I could join in.


The peg fairy is beautiful and a wonderful use of your and G's time. The new pattern looks super cute too.


On the photo it looks like the fairy is throwing some magic fairdust into the cup.Hope your wishes will come true!

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