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Found things and painted leaves

Painting leaves

Today we're back to autumn temperatures and it felt right to bring back these very liquid colour leaves from my walk this morning. Autumn leaves are perfect for watercolours.

In the garden today

Finding pretty things on my walk is fun.

 Daughter's pockets

Finding the contents of my daughter's pockets in the washing machine, more funny than fun.

Braided necklace-bracelet

And wearing a pretty AdjustaBraid necklace as a bracelet, very fun. They're available here in this pretty online shop :)

The sun has gone away today so photos are going a little dark and grey :(

Thank you very much for the birthday wishes. I started out celebrating by sharing hot chocolate in bed with my two babes and the rest of my day was just as special.

Happy Tuesday!


PS, New holiday stitching pattern coming later this week.



Sonia / Cozy Memories

you painted these leaves ????? my, you are very talented ! I thought you had pressed & glued them !! Amazing !
Aw, thanks for wearing the necklace (or whatever it may be), they're honored to be worn by you, you know ?
Happy October to you my friend oxoxo hugs

Lisa at Lil Fish Studios

Lovely lovely leaves, you talented thing. And what a pretty bracelet. :D


margie oomen

your talents are so varied and wonderful
those leaves look just like some of the ones I saw on my walk today after work


Your leaves are beautiful, Joanie. I won one of Sonia's adjustabraid necklaces and love wearing it as a bracelet too.


I love that you collect as you wander. I do too! That is one of the things i appreciate about you - that you find joy and beauty in nature and allow it to inspire your days and dreams.

Your leaf paintings are gorgeous!

Margaret B.

Hello! I searched your blog for an email address but could not find one so here I am leaving a comment... I am hosting a swap, set to launch in a few weeks. I was wondering whether I could use a photo and link back to your blog/tutorial. If you don't mind, I'd love to email you with further details...

Thanks for your consideration!
Margaret Bloom

Ann@ girls jewellery

The water color project is really fun to make specially doing it with your kids around, right? and I like your bracelet by the way:) This is my first visit to your blog, for sure, I'll come back to check out more of your posts. thanks


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