Snowed in
Mistletoe kisses, another pattern finished

A new pattern and more on the way


This is one of the many branch, twiggy things that has crossed my desk in the last couple of weeks. A festive little offering – I even have it out before the new year (patting myself on the back here). And now I'm slapping my hand because it's four in the morning as I finish this. It will take me at least a week to recover from getting so carried away into the very wee hours.

Partridge in snow

There's no question what, or who inspired this one. If you visit here often you'll know partridges are one of my favourite birds. They are so humorous, and friendly, sidling up to my window and pecking on it to say hello, but it has to be said they're a little stupid too. If a car drives up behind them they try and outrun it, seemingly forgetting that they have wings and can fly. 

This new pattern is part of a three page tutorial and pattern for large and small ornaments (small 1.75" ornament pictured). It marks the beginning of a new way of offering my embroidery and appliqué patterns. I'm now offering all patterns on a donation Pattern-samplebasis. In order to allow myself the many hours it takes to create each one, I'll ask for a voluntary donation for patterns in the future, but there are still dozens of tutorials here on NM that are free.

If I go way back to the beginning, I've given out hundreds of patterns, which I have loved doing, but accepting donations from now on might enable me time to tackle my giant binder full of sketches waiting to become patterns. At the moment I really do have to justify time spent.

I've had mixed feelings about the whole donation thing, I have never even accepted advertising here on NM so I may move them to a different site in the future. I'll think on it more after some sleep....

This new pattern can be found here along with several others – two more are coming soon.

Small hair pin picAnd to see another new twiggy tutorial go to Whip-Up today where I show how I'm using them to tame unruly hair. It's a real privilege to be guest blogging on one of my all time favourite sites. Thanks Kathreen, you're a star!



I love the partridge in a pear tree, Joanie. He is beautiful. The twig hair pin is genius. I understand that you feel perhaps a little uncomfortable asking for a donation for your patterns but rest assured, you deserve something for the creativity and hours of work that go into each pattern. Especially if it means it allows you to continue to create.

Katherine of Kitten's Lost Her Mittens

I adore this! And what a clever idea to have the branch in a spool of thread.
I agree about the donations - it's a lot of time and effort to create the things you do. You should definitely not feel bad about asking for donations. I think it makes sense!

Lisa J

That is so cute, joanie. What a clever idea.

I love partridges too! Especially with a little stuffing. Apple stuffing.

margie oomen

it is all so beautiful joanie. Kathreen always scouts only the best for her blog.


O my goodness, the partridge in the pear tree is just lovely. And so are the hair pins! Amazing idea - that. So simple. So pretty!

I am wishing you all the best with the donation choice. I think It is a great idea. Will be linking to the page soon. And placing an order for that adorable pattern!


I just wandered over from the twig tutorial and really enjoyed drifting through your blog. Are the knifes you use for the whittling special knifes? I usually take out my penknife when we go to the woods but I had been thinking more about working with wood and wondered what you would suggest


this is so nice, would look great in my home

did you get your parcel??

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