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Tiptoeing through the toadstools

I couldn't help showing a few more of the agarics. There is a small wood that I visit when I only have time for a short walk – this is where I found the mushrooms from the last post. One section has a huge crop of these red fly agarics. Our recent storm on the tail of hurricane Katia dropped branches on to many of them but there are many more untouched, apart from the odd slug feast here and there.

Agarics after the storm

Agaric emerging


Agaric umbrella 

Slug window

Agarics in the sand

If you're on the hunt for agarics the area where these are flourishing best is at the base of birch trees and in various mosses. The soil where they grow is well draining due to sand deposits in the area. I also spotted more in a small grove of holly trees. In both cases the agarics are along the edge of the wood, I rarely find them deeper in the woods where there is less sunshine.

I'm sure the attraction agarics hold is partly the surprise of their vibrant colour but it's also so easy to imagine tiny creatures carving out homes in them, the stuff of Enid Blyton and Beatrix Potter.

Recently I've also been really enjoying crafting with wood again, more about wood projects next month.


I'm returning to the classroom this afternoon teaching some after school activities. We'll be working with repurposed textiles and doing lots of hand stitching – I'm very excited about it, in fact I'd better get back to organizing materials.

Before I go, Tara is giving away some of her gorgeous soap, enter here. And Feeling Stitchy has an interesting stitched book cover contest starting here.

Happy Wednesday!



Sonia / Cozy Memories

yes, the agarics have such a magical aspect, they're so bright & happy (though poisenous !)
I love the pouch & the wooden -thingie- (don't know what it is yet !!) in it ! I used this print you gifted me for making lavender sachets :) I love blue ticking !
good luck for your time at school & enjoy it too !

margie oomen

only yellow agarics in my forest so far and they like to grow around birch trees as well
the students are so fortunate to have you teach them stitching

Lisa J

Yep, only yellow here too. Your red ones do seem so magical.

Your little painted stick makes me feel inspired. I can't wait to see what's up your sleeve.


Torment me some more why don't you!?

I would love, love , love to see this little part of your forest - this fairly land filled with my favorite mushrooms. What a treat to see them, joanie. Thank you so much for sharing.

And thank you for the links too. You are such a great supportive part of this blogiverse!


so many wonderful amanitas - they are such a picturesque mushroom, despite being a toxic one. thanks for sharing from your walk!


I picture little gnomes living in those mushrooms. Love the painted dragonfly. Can't wait to see what you are working on.


Oh, and thanks for the mention. :0)

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