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Seed packets for savvy gardeners


Whenever I collect seeds I must admit to being woefully bad at using them the following year. Some method of organizing is what I need and a consistent system for collection. Cute packets, that ought to do it. Maybe if I keep some packets handy in the shed and pack some in my handbag for when I visit lovely gardens like these, then I might have more success. Honestly though it's remembering where I put the seeds when I want to plant them that will be the tricky part.

I spent way more time on this than I'd have liked, but what the heck, it's been so grey and rainy outside anyway. After the fact I realized I could have probably searched online for some packet templates, when I did, sure enough there were loads out there but I'm happy I made the effort because I enjoyed folding these up and filling them and I can also share it with you.


These are a little end of summer gift from me to you. Simply click on the image above to download the full-size packet PDF file and print it out. Use them yourself or assemble a bundle and gift them to your favourite gardener.

What seeds will you collect? I'm after black columbines like these that I found under a bush in our garden and as many different hollyhocks as I can find in friends' gardens.


And speaking of the end of summer, can't believe it's favourite pie time already. The hedgerows are heavy with berries and I keep stopping to pluck them while I walk. Pippi however favours the plum tree in the back garden laden with so much fruit it's hanging down low enough for her to jump up and pick it herself – she's even sussed out that the purple are ripe and leaves the green behind. We have to keep her consumption limited though, the smells she creates after feasting on them are blinding ;) 

Although very belated, I will return to photo sharing soon. There are more images from our trip to see and a few from the birthday of my now teenager. 

Happy Thursday to you,





margie oomen

your pippi stories always make me laugh

Sonia / Cozy Memories

your design for these seeds sachets is so smart, I love the way you used the leaves area for writing !! brilliant ! I wish I had a garden & could/would save seeds. I had kept just a very small handful of seeds from a past garden we've had, but that's all.
I love the berries season !!! I'm thinking about a yummy apple/berries crumble right now ... omg, with a dollop of custard ... oh dear ...


Looove the seed package, clever girl! Have the same problem as you with "where are they". Wish our printer was working! Will def print them out sooner or later.


Those seed packets are so pretty, Joannie. Enjoy your pie!


Thank you so, so much! I love the seed packets and boy o boy are they going to be a huge improvement over those plastic baggies i am currently using!

I am astonished that it is already time to gather seeds. Wasn't it only a few days ago that we were lamenting the slow spring?

Well as consolation, I get to make your lovely seed packets! They are printing right this minute!


A beautiful job, Joanie! I love the idea. I have collected seeds twice (poppies and daisies), and both are sitting somewhere in plastic bags. So I will try your beautiful seed packet and see if that might spur me to finally plant them.

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