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Jug of blues

Last week I had a mini holiday away in Kent for a few days all by myself. I visited and stayed with friends, enjoyed their gardens, was cooked for, met a new babe, imbibed a bit, and laughed a lot. Thank you friends.
I had planned on crafting and painting but really enjoyed doing a lot of nothing instead. These are a few images from my break.

Rufus feeding chickens daisies

Hollyhocks, maybe my favourite summertime flower

Catching up with little friends

A sweet porch

Rusty birds and pots

Gracie had a friend over this week who was desperate to use a sewing machine for the first time. We made head bands from jersey fabric with liberty flowers and bookmarks from my scrap bag, with their straight cuts and straight seams both projects are perfect for first time sewists. Also a simple way to learn about turning, trimming corners and stitching up gaps.

Sewing with children

And I altered an old favourite top of Gracie's while she was out. She would never have let me give it the chop if she were home, but she's ecstatic with the result. Though the top is only a age 4 -5 there was plenty of flowy fabric for a skirt and it has pockets too.

An old favourite made new again

A new favourite skirt

Hope you're enjoying everything summer has to offer. I'm off next week home to California with Gracie for my parent's 50th wedding anniversary celebration, can't wait to immerse myself in family and fun. And while I'm away my big boy becomes a teen so he's staying home to celebrate his own big event.
13, how on earth did that happen!?!

Happy weekend,


PS, We'll miss you Amy.




What beautiful flowers, adorable kids, awesome skirt and fun for you by yourself!


It looks like it was a lovely way to spend doing nothing. Love Gracie's "new" skirt. Enjoy your time in California, Joanie.


I'm happy to hear you're enjoying summer... and that you even got a few days just for yourself. I love the skirt you made from her old shirt... so lovely! I wish you a wonderful trip to US... take care and enjoy!!! -mervi


It sounds like you've been having a lovely time! Thank you for the idea of fabric bookmarks - I am just about to go out to the sewing room with the children and Fred wanted something to make on Dot's sewing machine and I think a fabric bookmark would be perfect! He has joined the local library's summer reading scheme and has his nose buried in a book! Enjoy your holiday, Lucy xx


It was so lovely to have you all to ourselves on your visit to Kent. Love the pictures! Now fly off to America and enjoy being with all your special loved ones. Congratulations to mum and dad. Sure the day will be special.


So glad you had a restful break Joanie. Gracie's new skirt looks wonderful. I hope you have a fantastic time in America, a bit of girl time : )Enjoy being with your loved ones and congratulations to your parents. x x

margie oomen

i hope you have a wonderful time with gracie and your family. I will feel you close, well at least on the same continent. xxoo

Siobhan aka Kiwivandal

I love fun times in great weather :) What an adorable skirt too! Hi from your newest follower :) FOund you via Pinterest!


Beautiful Flowers!

Evelene Sterling

Awww you are in my state now California. I hope your are enjoying your stay with your folks. Love your pictures of your visit with your friends. That skirt turned out adorable!


oh you made such a wonderful skirt with her beloved top !! So brilliant !
13 ? Already ? oh my ! I hope he's had a terrific day !
And I hope you're having a superb time in California with your family & with G !
missed you, can't wait to catch up with you !


What a perfect transformation of shirt to skirt, especially that placement of the butterfly. G. looks lovely in it--what balance!

I missed visiting you all summer. What a pleasure it is to return and catch up!

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