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Visits and small makes

Jug of blues

Last week I had a mini holiday away in Kent for a few days all by myself. I visited and stayed with friends, enjoyed their gardens, was cooked for, met a new babe, imbibed a bit, and laughed a lot. Thank you friends.
I had planned on crafting and painting but really enjoyed doing a lot of nothing instead. These are a few images from my break.

Rufus feeding chickens daisies

Hollyhocks, maybe my favourite summertime flower

Catching up with little friends

A sweet porch

Rusty birds and pots

Gracie had a friend over this week who was desperate to use a sewing machine for the first time. We made head bands from jersey fabric with liberty flowers and bookmarks from my scrap bag, with their straight cuts and straight seams both projects are perfect for first time sewists. Also a simple way to learn about turning, trimming corners and stitching up gaps.

Sewing with children

And I altered an old favourite top of Gracie's while she was out. She would never have let me give it the chop if she were home, but she's ecstatic with the result. Though the top is only a age 4 -5 there was plenty of flowy fabric for a skirt and it has pockets too.

An old favourite made new again

A new favourite skirt

Hope you're enjoying everything summer has to offer. I'm off next week home to California with Gracie for my parent's 50th wedding anniversary celebration, can't wait to immerse myself in family and fun. And while I'm away my big boy becomes a teen so he's staying home to celebrate his own big event.
13, how on earth did that happen!?!

Happy weekend,


PS, We'll miss you Amy.


Woodland love

Party in the woods 
Walking is like daily vitamins for me. 

While I walk in the woods I know the woodpeckers are there because I hear them, I know giant black, velvety slugs are there because I dodge them and that roe deer are watching me because I sometimes watch them back. I also know damp lichen and moss are slowly creeping because I see them but I can smell them too. 
Most days I walk the paths without camera or headphones because if I had digital device with me I know I would miss most of this.

On Monday I did stop here and there with my phone camera, this is a little of what I saw. It looked as though the wood pigeons and crows had a wild weekend party. There were tracks of their feathers everywhere.

Wild strawberries
Pretty wild strawberries that have so far escaped the jaws of little creatures.

Raindrop foxgloves
Foxgloves spreading purple cheer.

Twig window 
Twigs that frame a pretty picture.

Maybe one day I'll take a real camera into the woods.

Happy Thursday!



Enjoying paper, post and running

Making books
Book making 

Have you ever planned a project, got down to making it and gone in a completely different direction? That's how my latest Green Parent project went for me. Sometimes it's just more fun to go off-plan, especially when it involves using up whatever I have lying around, and a tiny bit of dumpster diving. Not really dumpster, but our giant recycling bin. Note to self... best to roll the bin back off the road before diving in it.

Pam parcel

Pam is not only extremely generous on her blog with oodles of detailed tutorials and links, she's also a giver offline. I received this box of goodies over the weekend and what a lovely surprise it was. She made the wood-strip ornament and woven mat – did I mention that she's also very clever? And a brilliant photographer, which is her day job. Check out how she used the rain to turn digital images into watercolours, I'm sure we'll have ample opportunity to try this one out – but not today, it's sunny.

G runs 1
Another Sports Day done

Sports day at school was Saturday, our school isn't particularly competitive in sports so our children aren't usually too bothered about how well they do, but this year they both came home with first place ribbons so they cared a little more ;) We're on the home stretch, children finish school on Friday, then it's 8.5 weeks with few plans and no alarm, just the way we like it.

Happy Monday,


Red hot colour

Red tomatoes
Kitchen window tomatoes

The last day of Poppytalk Summer Colour Week and I couldn't let a red day pass without tomatoes in it. Tomatoes are one of the foods we always have, never on the shopping list because I never forget to buy them. Do you have foods like that? 

Bright buttons
Bright buttons

Yummy colours, like a candy dish.

VIntage Buttons
More vintage

An old favourite. I have a few of these red buttons that I love too much to use :( Waiting for the perfect project, they'll probably become another bracelet.

Insta tomatoes
Instagram Tomatoes

I had to throw one more tomato pic in, this one from the Instagram phone app. By the way, the best tomatoes in the whole world are grown by Hank (aka, my dad). 

On a very different topic, Nobel Peace prize winning Burmese pro-democracy activist, Aung San Suu Kyi, is giving the series of Reith lectures this year on BBC Radio Four. As they were all recorded in secret locations, it's a reminder of how precarious her situation still is even though she's currently not in prison. Aung San Suu Kyi is remarkable in every sense of the word. If you're unable to listen directly to this BBC link perhaps the BBC website in the US has a link to it. If you don't know of her or heard her speak, try and find a way to listen.

I hope you have a very happy Friday and a wonderful weekend too!