Not falling to pieces
A sunny morning

Vintage petals

Vintage petals

On my never ending quest for space I was clearing a few things I thought I would wear but haven't, including this vintage silk dress. I love it but always feel like mutton when I try it on. As I was reaching for the giveaway bag I realized it won't be long before little G can wear it, so I mended the drooping flower, repaired loose stitches here and there and put it away for another day.

I can't believe how huge the peonies I planted just last year are. They're lovely and healthy with loads of blooms and the bunnies aren't interested in the slightest, no doubt that's the reason they're thriving. I adore them and their olden-days look.

Lots of rain is predicted for the week so I spent most of yesterday trimming hedges, battling stinging nettles (again) and cutting out brambles. And so you know, if you accidentally cut the power cable on your hedge trimmer while you're using it you get a shock and blow a fuse... just thought you might have wondered.

Happy Sunday :)



what a beautiful dress indeed, it would have been quite a pity to let it sit in the closet ... G will be so pretty in it :)
Sorry rain's predicted, but I know England does need this after such a dry spring.
PS : did you know you can dye with nettles ?!

margie oomen



Beautiful dress. So glad you kept it. Love that description of feeling like mutton. I couldn't explain it but I know exactly what you mean.


it is a beautiful dress and well worth saving. The peonies are doing well this year in my garden too!

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