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Two winners

Sorry to be so late for the contest winners, our crappy Internet service is down again so I'm attempting to post this via the Typepad phone app.

My two helpers and I have used a number generator to choose two winners. The winner of the first prize is Margie Oomen. Margie winning is both fantastic as she's the driving inspiration for me and my friend the hook getting together again, and funny because she could probably crochet anything she wants with her hands tied behind her back. It's also lovely that the winner listed "friends" at the top of her favourite makes this year, that's Margie :)

The winner of the pattern and fabrics is Evelene Sterling. Evelene has been enjoying making ruffled aprons for herself, friends and family, I hope she enjoys making a tunic too!

I will be in touch with the winners.

Thanks to all who entered and to all who have stopped by and said "hello" over the past four years.

Have a great weekend, do something you love, spend it with people you love.


PS, I'd show the number generator results but can't figure out how to from a phone.

Two winners



Congrats to the winners - and how nice to be able to blog from your phone, lol! I hope your internet gets sorted soon.

margie oomen

you really are the sweetest friend
and your email is still making me smilexo


Yeppee for our inspiring Margie, for Evelene ... and for you, sweet Nini !!!
Hope your spending a nice week-end, less wet than here, and that your Internet will recover soon ...
Lot of thougts and big Sunday hugs !


Aaah congrats to the two winners :D
May your internet work properly & fast ASAP, my friend
Wishing you a great (and yes, like Nanou said), dry & sunny Sunday, unlike here ...


Congrats to the winners! Well deserved!

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