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Tin inspiration


There is so little time to indulge myself in stitching at the moment but this is one of the things I am eager to get back to. This vintage tin came in a big bundle of goodies from clever, kind Kay; it's inspired some freeform, hand stitching and it will be interesting to see where it leads me. It will most likely be a slow project, perhaps something to dip in and out of over the summer holidays.

Hope the sun shines on you today and if it does send a little our way. Our outdoor summer play progress is getting very, very wet - even inside a huge tent!


margie oomen

it looks so gorgeous on the black cloth


will enjoy following your progress
slow stitching is extremely enjoyable
and here's a wonderful start !

Amy {giftofgreen}

I really think you should have titled this post "Tinspiration" : ) Gorgeous, as usual!!


Beautiful, Joanie. Can't wait to see where the stitches lead you.


I love how you stated that - "dip in and out of during the summer holidays."

And if you don't mind I am adopting that phrase because it describes perfectly how I craft - dipping in and out of this then that! It sounds so lovely the way you put it!

No wonder you are inspired - the tin is gorgeous. Lucky you! I am looking forward to seeing your results.

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