A blue summer day
Red hot colour

FInished top and Thursday rainbows

Linen linen top for G
Linen top for Gracie 

I've managed to complete a WIP that has been hanging around for a good while now. This top I was originally making for myself in the loveliest linen but it turned out way too small though I followed the pattern size chart, so I finished it off for Gracie, eventually. She was very happy, in a jumping up and down sort of way, though the photo doesn't look like it. The top is an old Built By Wendy for Simplicity pattern (number 3835 but I can't see it on the Simplicity website). The applique is the Out On a Limb pattern here. If you get this Built by Wendy top pattern be warned, it runs very small. The one I made myself back in February is here.

Chasing the pot of gold
Chasing the pot of gold

Poppytalk Summer Colour week is rainbow today. Which technically isn't a colour it's multiple colours. My contributions you may have seen before. A rainbow from a few weeks ago; two photos I spliced together in Photoshop, not particularly well, but enough to get the full arc in there. If you click on it to enlarge the image you can just see a second full rainbow above the brighter one - this scene was over the field next to us. If I'd had the time and didn't have to get dinner on I think I would have high-tailed it after the pot of gold.

Pans of watercolours

And another reissued image from a painting session in March. Those were the only two rainbows I could manage.

Happy Thursday, hope the sun shines on you.




the top fits G so well, congrats on transforming it successfully for her :) Rainbows are always so happy, I loved yours today :)


Gracie if i had a daughter i would like her to dress just like that. Love it! Joan, one day you will find that pot!


That embroidered top is marvellous, Nini !!! Glad for lucky G :)
I wish the sun will shine on you this summer and bring only color to your mind, like your beautiful rainbows !
You'll be in my heart during my holidays away. Big giant hugs to you, G, T and Pippi !

margie oomen

that top is wonderful on your beautiful and getting very tall girl


I love the top, Joanie. I want one for myself. And G looks so stylish with her striped leggings!

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