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Bunnies abound

Bunny in a bag and bunnies on a bag

Cashmere Sunny Bunny ended up being a surprise tucked into Gracie's bag for camp. I decided helping G cozy up away from home was a more important job for this Sunny Bunny than going to one of the new babes in the family. Here he's hiding in a new bag whipped up from a vintage, cross stitched tray cloth with the new Bunny's Bow pattern stitched to the front; Mother Bunny wears a Liberty apron.

Bunny's Bow

This pattern was so quick to stitch up and it's available by commenting in this blog birthday post. Also enter the blog birthday giveaway on the same post.

EDIT: This pattern and all other patterns are now available by voluntary donation on the patterns page here. Any amount is accepted and appreciated; donations afford me the time to create more patterns and tutorials, thanks!

Male common European Rabbit

These bunnies are everywhere in our garden throughout the year but they are crazy brave and silly this time of year. The other day we witnessed two males fighting, looking a lot like a boxing match and a lot of fur was flying.

Normal cotton tails
Female common European Rabbit (bad far away shot)

There are baby bunnies everywhere and even a few of the less common black bunnies; this little guy is probably their daddy.

Black beauty
Wild black rabbit

I've only ever seen black bunnies from the car and at a distance, it's fun to have some in the garden.

Black bunnies!
Hello wabbit

So you see, there's a whole lot of bunny inspiration around here. The pattern above, though simple, was meant for an Easter release (Easter 2010) that's how long my quick sketch has been sitting in my very full binder of embroidery drawings. Perhaps ploughing through that binder should be another goal in the coming year.

I'll be back tomorrow with the winners.

Happy Thursday!



margie oomen

some bunny loves your bunnies:)

The Pea Pod

I don't think I've ever seen black rabbits especially in the back garden, that must have been a thrill.


Your bunny pattern is so beautiful all stitched up :)


black bunnies ~ that's so fun! I would love watching them. :)


Look at all that bunny goodness. I have never seen a black rabbit. I've also never seen rabbits fight. I didn't know they could do that.


I LOVE this post! We have bunnies at our house too! We have a few that live on the edge of the "forest" but no black ones.

The bunny pattern is adorable. There is always something very special about your patterns something that says unmistakeably - created by Joanie.


Bunny cuteness overload :D (thanks so much about that !!!)
On the first day of our trip (but not far from here) I spotted a hare (I had never seen one for real) and they're big !! That was a fun "meeting" that I won't forget :)

Katherine of Kitten's Lost Her Mittens

I love all the cute bunnies on your blog! I've got a pet bunny, so I'm a pretty big fan of them. This is an older post (from Easter) but you can see him here:


Loving all the wascally wabbits incuding the embroidered one.


Well done! lovely bynny!



Debbie Creach

I was wondering if I might have a copy of this pattern, I just love it. Thanks so much

Denise :)

I know it's been a while (almost a year!!) since you posted this, but it's so darling! I'd love a copy if it's still available -- there's a bunny lover in our family who'd be tickled pink to receive a little stitchery of these darling bunnies! Thank you! :)

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