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Pretty tangles and groups and things

Reverse of hand and machine stitching

I've had quite a long and unexpected Internet break, apparently down to a bad circuit board at the exchange - whatever that means. It reminds me of the image above, lots of lines going here, there and everywhere behind the scenes that normally get where they need to go without us ever needing to know about it, until they don't work.

Funny group
Funny groupings

So while I've been away I've caught up a little with things I've been happily ignoring, like dusting and stinging nettles, though the latter are getting harder to ignore because they're painful. I've been noticing that when I dust I move things around into new groups, usually without making any conscious decisions about it. Sometimes just odd objects and other times colour groupings, it's fascinating to me that our brains need pattern.

Dyeing with hot drinks
Dyeing with hot drinks

And I also tackled some dyeing that I've been meaning to get to for a long while; this stack of vintage linen soaked in a fine blend of coffee and tea, I like the shade I get by mixing them. Tea tends to give a pinker shade than coffee and I find by combining them I get just what I want, a shade closer to natural linen. I'm planning on new dolls with this batch.

More baby cards
Late baby cards

This style tends to be my stock design for babies. The gifts to go with them might arrive before they each start school ;)

Tissue box cafe

And over our long weekend T & G got out the Brio train set. T received his first wooden track when he was about 18 months old and still enjoys it at nearly 13! And he doesn't even feel too cool to admit he still likes it (now that's cool). They both still like me to play along which I'm happy to do, especially if they serve tea, both of them make a mean cup. To be sure tea would be served I quickly made a café with an empty tissue box. Half a tissue box makes a handy arched doorway don't you think? 

Other things:

I'm loving this site which is probably not new to many of you but as you know, I don't get out much. I found it via very clever Erin.

And also loving the RAC, they never let me down or make me wait too long. When they arrive the drivers are the nicest people you could hope to meet, like the one who changed my tire (tyre) on Easter Sunday and said the tea I brewed him was perfect. Or the nice man who told me to wait in a cafe instead of my car when my battery died the winter before last (it was -3 outside). Of course I have no affiliation with the RAC but I feel a little more secure knowing their card is in my wallet.
BTW, I can change a tire but I can't get the lug nuts off even when I stand on the crow bar.


Lastly, congratulations to my gorgeous niece Lauren (on the far left) who underwent shoulder surgery last year not wanting her softball career to end; her high school team just made the playoffs (again).

And also a big congratulations to smart, hard working and lovely Diane who just took over from the equally smart, hard working and lovely Natalie as Editor-in-Chief at CRAFT. CRAFT couldn't be in more capable hands.

Happy weekend to you!


P.S. Hope to play catch up with all of you soon.



oh my friend, don't worry a second, we all lead busy life, school time or school break, life never stops !
I'm enjoying very very much to read you today !! You have been doing & making so many lovely things ! The back of the embroidery is very interesting (and so appropriate), the cards are soooo adorable, the café/tissue box is brilliant, the dyes are my cup of tea (yes, pun intended, that's lame, I know), and well, I'm happy about all the rest you mentioned !
I hope you have a good end of the week & weekend too ! oxoxo

margie oomen

i love that first picture very much
a little bit of how my late evenings look working, finishing, planning, preparing.
thanks for the update with all the news and links
ps the diane link doesn't seem to be working.


You have been busy. it is nice to read about your tanglings, so many of them creative in nature.


Sorry, Nini, about all these unhappy computer "strikes", but glad to see you made the most of it at home ! I love Gracie's mouse, she's definitely a gifted girl ! And I'm very intrigued about the friendly bunch of sticks (on the same photo) :)
I have to go now, but I wish you a nice week-end, hoping Mister Sun will shine for you !


We have continual internet 'issues' with speeds little more than dial-up at best - but so few people live along our lane, I don't think there is going to be any improvement very quickly! Love the cafe!

Pomona x


So glad you're back; I love visiting here and miss you when you're gone. But you were so productive on your time away from the computer. Inspiring once again. I love the story you've told here of work done, children loved and played with, etc.


I sure have missed you. Obviously so have many others!

I will never look at the back of any hand sewn project quite the same way again. You are brilliant! What an amazing analogy.

Your niece favors you. Beauty runs in your family. And I am sure just like you and your sweet Gracie, your niece's beauty is much more than skin deep.

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