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Lasagna in the making

If we all wanted different meals when we were younger we always got the same response from my mother, "This isn't a restaurant." Entirely the most appropriate response, especially with four young children to please. Though I always thought I'd have four too, I'm finding two children is often the perfect number of offspring. Making lasagna to order for instance; I simply layer each side with different ingredients. Each has their own favourite veg and sauce. Tristan is a pesto lover and Gracie likes tomato. Gracie eats all vegetables but Tris is more selective. When it comes to putting it all together they often do the layering themselves.

I recently asked the children to make a list of their favourite meals and this veggie lasagna made it into both their top fives.

The baking dish we use makes 4 portions or 3 large portions. If I'm making this just for the two children then there's enough for their dinner and leftovers for their lunch the next day.

This recipe fits into a small baking dish 20cm x 28cm (8 x 11 inches)

We have no recipe for this lasagna but this is how we make it.

6 sheets of fresh lasagna pasta
250g pot of ricotta,
A few handfuls of mozzarella grated (roughly 1.5 cups)
1 egg
Selection of lightly steamed vegetables (Peas can go straight in fresh or frozen) 
Olive oil to drizzle 
Sauce of choice (we use green pesto on half and tomato sauce on the other half)

Preheat the oven to about 190 C and put one large pot of water on a gentle boil.

We don't have a pasta maker but we use fresh lasagna sheets from the supermarket fridge section.

Lightly steam a variety of vegetables and add a handful of fresh or frozen peas to the selection. Set the veg aside.

Mix one pot of Ricotta with a few handfuls or grated mozzarella (I'm guessing a little more than a cup) and one egg to bind. Mix well with a fork and set aside.

Put a couple of fresh pasta sheets into the boiling water for a minute or two. 

Spread a little sauce on the bottom of your baking dish. Take the two sheets of parboiled pasta from the water, let the water drip off of them then lay them over the sauce, covering the bottom of your dish with them (my dish was covered with two large sheets of lasagna pasta).

Add another layer of sauce over the sheets of pasta then spread over a couple spoonfuls of the cheese mixture. Top the cheese with a selection of vegetables.

Pop another two sheets of pasta in the water for a minute or two then repeat the process of layering pasta, sauce, cheese and veg again. Lastly, top with another two lightly boiled pasta sheets, then the remaining cheese mixture sprinkled with more grated mozzarella, enough to mostly cover the pasta. I also drizzle a little olive oil to the corners and edges so be sure it lifts out of the dish easily.

Bake for roughly 30 mins or until the cheese browns a little.

Note: We use the fresh pasta and partly steamed vegetables to cut down on the baking time I find it helps keep the veg and pasta from getting too gloopy and mushy.

Button-backs We've been spring cleaning up a storm and I'm happy to say we've excavated our way to G's floor. I'm only wishing my energy could stretch to the garden, it's in need of some hard graft, harder than I can muster this year. We might have to forego the vegetable plot, but who knows, the sun is shining today and it's nourishment might provide enough energy to at least get one bed dug up and ready for planting.

I also shipped out a few packages earlier this week. Lately I've taken to using mother of pearl button backs. Many of the mother of pearl buttons are scratched and dull on the fronts but are dotted with delicate colours on the backs, flipping them is a happy solution.

Bluebell time

We welcomed a new babe into the family this past week too. One of my sister-in-laws has two grown-up children and her eldest gave birth to baby Lily on Wednesday, we can't wait to meet her. Congratulations to Debs and Chris.

We're off for a walk, it's bluebell time, a spring highlight for us.

Happy Sunday,




will you bring some to Whistable


well, that's a super healthy meal, and it sounds delicious too ! And goodness, how colorful too ! :D I hope you all enjoyed !!
I also hope you had a nice weekend.
YAY for the spring cleaning fever, it's ALWAYS rewarding, I know that from experience. It's tough to start, but once you're started, it's very gratifying. Garden can wait, nevermind. You can't be everywhere.
Congrats to the new family & welcome to the world little baby !! :)
xoxoxo love your way


Your lasagna is a clever solution to a problem we have as well, and I will have to try it. I find that we'll all eat the same basic ingredients, but they are sometimes presented in individualized ways as you have done here. So tortillas and baked potatoes work, with different fixings for each person. Pasta also works, since the picky one can have no sauce, one has sauce on the side, etc. I know our parents would look disapprovingly on this approach!

I'm sure little G is happy to see her floor again! I agree with Sonia that you should rest up after your spring cleaning efforts. There's always tomorrow!

Our young friends are quite reproductive these days, and it's such a thrill welcoming each new little one. My husband's colleagues, whose marriage in Hawaii we were happily able to attend, are having TWINS! How joyful and overwhelming that must be for them, times two.

margie oomen

you are amazing


I need to do spring cleaning and gardening so you are ahead of me, Joanie. Enjoy the bluebells. They only happen once a year. They are just starting to poke their way through here. The lasagna looks really delicious.


Thank you for sharing the Veggie Lasagna. We are cutting back on meat a little and since we both love lasagna and veggies, this will be welcome.

Am just getting started with my spring cleaning! Usually I look forward to the whole process - but especially getting rid of stuff I no longer need or use. This year even that isn't enough to get me excited!

I would just rather make your Lasagna!


Looks amazing! Must try this!


That is such a good idea! I'll remember that when I'm dealing with fussy eaters!

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