The long days of summer... I mean spring
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Rambling thoughts

Tree canopy

Being back on a school timetable means fitting in my morning hill walk once again. I love the familiar path my feet take each morning while Pippi trots alongside stopping at her own favourite spots here and there. I was amazed on Tuesday to find the same paths I trod three weeks ago now covered by a thick canopy of leaves. These walks give my brain a chance to ramble, it's very good at rambling, even when I don't want it to. Here's an example.

Copying is bad. Whether it's school work, peoples' art or an author's words. A person who copies another person's work not only acts immorally but also robs him or herself of the chance to grow creatively. I've had work copied, and believe me, it's more than a little heartbreaking to open a book and find a project I created on someone else's printed pages; but I chose to do nothing because I'd rather move on than fight. It seems nowadays more people than not have had a similar problem, maybe I should have had the heart to say something. It's good to keep in mind that there are positive ways of trying to correct these wrongs and that some people just need educating about online courtesy and copyright practices. Pat has an excellent post about the subject and World Intellectual Property Day and Pam has a very well worded letter that she has generously offered to share here.

When I chose to make this online journal public, I decided from the start to keep my most treasured projects to myself, my friends and family or for paid publication; as I discussed with a friend recently, my very favourite things don't make it onto this blog space. The Internet is a wonderful place where anyone can find almost anything but it can also be a terrible place for the very same reason.

Etsy is a well known hotbed of talent, but also an open sourcebook for copycats and it seems there's little Etsy can (or will) do about it. Two friends, Lisa and Sonia, each for their own reasons, have left the Etsy umbrella and are now selling with Big Cartel. For a seller of handmade work it's important to look long and hard at the pros and cons of various selling platforms. Sonia gave a detailed and eloquent explanation for why she made the move, it made me think (and of course ramble;) I currently pay a monthly fee to a very good e-commerce company for my neglected Stitch Village shop but I will probably change to Big Cartel myself, it's templates are neater and it's less expensive for a small time seller like me. I'm working towards selling more items soon.

Quickie gift
Quick chain stitch gift

Last night Gracie asked me to make a quick birthday gift for the older sister of a friend, she's turning 11 today. I put together this necklace using just a chain stitch and vintage beads. Gracie was so happy that we could create a present in such a short space of time (about 20 mins); I'm lucky G values handmade gifts.

There are many more subjects for my ramblings that I wanted to share but this is getting way too long. I'll save my love of the RAC who saved me on Easter Sunday, my link to a new favourite site found via Erin, recently found treasures and fun WIPs for later. I end with another thank you for more unexpected gifts that have come to me in the post. I'm so touched by the thoughtfulness of friends.

I hope this hasn't been too long and dull but sometimes links to the mundane stuff is helpful to me, thought it might be for you too.

Happy Friday!


P.S. Happy wedding William and Kate.


margie oomen

thanks so much joanie for this very thoughtful post
I respect your decision to not share your most special creations
I am sure they are all absolutely amazing
in fact I know they are!!
you have so much creativity and talent and we are really appreciative of everything you do

Sonia / Cozy Memories

well said, Joanie, very well said ... I, of course, couldn't agree more with what you said !
It's a hot hot subject & more important than ever, I think. Too many people think everything is free for download & for the taking, on the internet. That is, unfortunately, the nasty downside of the internet. But it's a duty of ours to educate ourselves, our children, and why not our readers.
Although I am not an expert about the subject, if you have any question about BigCartel, please do ask & I'll try to help. I'm almost done with the move, but as I haven't been home this week, I had to postpone this a little longer.
The apple doesn't fall far from the tree, that is excellent that G appreciates & enjoys handmade & homemade gifts, that's not a big surprise when you know the extremely handy & creative mama she has. :) You can be proud, and I am proud of her, even though I am not her mama.
The new Dutchess of Cambridge is really gracious & was oh my so gorgeous on her wedding day. I did enjoy her simple, classic but very feminine outfit & general look.
ok, I just wrote a novel now (sorry). Lots of love to you guys xoxo

Nicole FollowtheWhitebunny

Coincidentally I had the same problem on hand only 2 weeks ago. Not exactly copying, let's say what I saw was'too heavily inspired' by one of my patterns. But it might as well have been copying...Like you say it's heartbreaking...

Lisa at Lil Fish Studios

I love that you get a morning hill walk. I'll imagine I'm there with you, walking and thinking.

And yes, copying is bad. Inspiration, putting your own voice on an idea, that's good but copying is bad.


Good ramblings, Joanie. Have a great weekend.


Your ramblings are very well expressed, as usual, and certainly food for thought.


Ramble on, Joanie! Thank you for a beautifully expressed post.

I'm so sorry that you've had to experience having your work stolen. I feel like we're the electronic version of pioneers in the lawless Wild West. I think there will eventually be more widely accepted standards for preserving and enforcing intellectual property rights. But we're definitely not even close to that point yet. Until then we just have to keep looking out for each other and speaking out against online plagiarism and theft.

Gloria Jacobsen

Thank you for your thoughts and many ideas. I too have had someone steel a pattern that had been handed down to me. Seeing it in print, upset the family as well.
Beautiful necklace. I crocheted one from thin cooper wire and tourquise stones. I live in Arizona near one of the world's largest cooper mines. So it just sort of popped out of my brain. I had not thought about thread and beads though.
I did tell folks when they use my patterns just say it's mine. They can make and sell items as long as they give the pattern credit back to me.
Have a great and blessed day.

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